Wrath Classic leveling guide - the Lich King points Frostmourne towards the camera

One of the most extremely expected releases of the season has finally appeared with World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King Classic. We’ve currently applied for a female, handed a set-back up to a Prince, set time right, and proven we had been served by banishing the Legion. Now it is time for you show a King they don’t guideline forever.

Consider this leveling guide your cheat sheet to achieve degree 80 quickly inside brand new Wrath Classic expansion. It willn’t simply connect with Northrend—a large amount of these guidelines could also be used whenever leveling a brand new character from degree one. You can also believe it is of good use in the event that you developed a Death Knight, this new hero course introduced in Wrath Vintage, and tend to be trying to amount them up from 55 to 80.

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