It will pay to understand each one of the Wrath associated with the Lich King Timeless area degree needs before you go to begin your adventure into Northrend. With 11 brand new areas to explore, you will end up carrying out a significant travelling so it is well worth once you understand in advance which zones appeal to the different character amounts to prepare your levelling journey correctly.

Below you will find a dysfunction of each and every associated with the brand new Wrath Timeless areas, with their recommended degree range. Further down, you will find some basic advice should this be very first amount of time in Northrend which means you defintely won’t be overlooked into the cool.

WoW: Wrath Timeless area amounts 

Zone Level range
Scarlet Enclave 55-58
Borean Tundra 68-72
Howling Fjord 68-72
Dragonblight 71-75
Grizzly Hills 73-75
Zul’Drak 74-76
Sholazar Basin 76-78
Crystalsong Forest 77-80
Icecrown 77-80
Storm Peaks 77-80
Wintergrasp (PvP area) 77-80

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