World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft’s next expansion is under 8 weeks away additionally the Dragonflight (starts in brand new tab) pre-patch will introduce a few of the brand new features in advance. It is a tradition that is spanned across WoW’s expansion history—you is probably not in a position to enter this new areas through the pre-patch, but there is frequently a lot to help keep you busy with brand new systems, in-game occasions, or completely new classes.

The pre-patch wont let us visit the Dragon Isles quite yet, however it is a good time to familiarise your self utilizing the brand new course skill woods, or make your very own Dracthyr character. Even as we’ll be stuck within the Shadowlands for short while much longer, some tips about what you must know in regards to the WoW: Dragonflight pre-patch, like the launch date.

WoW: Dragonflight pre-patch launch date 

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