Wiglett Is A New Diglett-Like Pokémon Coming To Scarlet And Violet

There are Pokémon designs like Charizard that produce me personally get, “ooo yes, good” and there are certainly others like Voltorb that produce me personally get, “oh, how come you occur?” Gleam uncommon 3rd course of Pokémon we call “weird lil things” once I see them and Wiglett, a brand new Pokémon joining the Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, is the fact that course’ latest user. 

Today, Nintendo and Pokémon business circulated a 3 . 5 minute movie highlighting Wiglett, its similarities to Diglett, and exactly how it is simply various sufficient it is a completely brand new types, rather than local variation. Therefore, this brand new Diglett-like Pokémon is known as Wiglett. It appears like a worm, life in ocean as well as on the coastline, and appears to stick along with other Wigletts. Investigate for yourself in Serebii’s movie below: 

i am many excited to see Wiglett’s development, if it evolves anyway. But ideally, we’ll note that an additional trainer’s celebration because i am unsure Wiglett is really a certain bet for my own. 

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Is Wiglett likely to be inside celebration? Inform us that which you consider it in opinions below!

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