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  • Data scientists are tasked with collecting, processing, analyzing, and modeling large sets of data – both structured and unstructured to get meaningful information out of the same. How is data science useful for an organization? Data Scientists analyze the data to help businesses make crucial decisions by using knowledge in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. They are the ones who leverage their knowledge of technology and social science to help in the decision-making process of a business or an organization. They work together with all the teams in an organization and help a company develop the best practices in the industry. In the digital era, data and technology play a crucial role, and therefore, data scientist jobs are in demand. This is also proved by the salaries and the job growth opportunities of this profession.
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  •  In this post, we will be covering the reasons why Data Scientist jobs are in demand.

Reasons why Data Scientist jobs are in demand:

Let us get into the much-awaited section that will help you understand why Data Scientist jobs are in demand. Let’s present the list before you:

 1)    Challenges related to the organization of data – The late 90s and early 2000s resulted in huge data generation and data log generation which means companies and businesses have a huge pool of data that is crucial to a company’s growth. But what’s the challenge here? The challenge is that companies are unaware of the process of utilizing the huge pool of data to their advantage. Therefore, Data Scientist jobs are in demand and according to Glassdoor, Data Scientist jobs are the best job in modern times.

2) The Paucity of skilled Data Scientists – There is a paucity of skilled Data Scientists who can analyze data and make crucial decisions. The paucity is particularly alarming in developing countries like India where technologies and tools related to data science are available but skilled professionals who can use the same are not available. Therefore, the supply of talent is less but the demand for data scientists is considerably high.

 3) Handsome Salary – A job of a Data Scientist features on the list of the highest-paid jobs in the industry currently. In the U.S, Data Scientist jobs have an average income of 62,000$, according to Glassdoor. India gives a lot of importance to experienced Data Scientists and a Data Scientist with the right skills and adequate experience can even earn around 19 Lakhs per annum, according to PayScale. The attractive salary packages are enough to prove why Data Scientist jobs are in demand.

 4) High Reputation – Do you want to know why a Data Scientist job is considered among the hot jobs? Well, if you can break into the top bracket of Data Scientists, you can secure a job at esteemed organizations like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook. According to Harvard Business Review, a Data Scientist’s job is the “sexiest job of the 21st century”. There are enough reasons why that is the case. A Data Scientist not only has unique job responsibilities but also has the opportunity to grow in their career by learning various analytical skills like big data thus making their job highly reputable and in high demand.

 5) Opportunities for professionals of different fields to switch to Data Science – Data Science is relatively a new field and therefore, there are no restrictions to professionals from different fields to enter the field of Data Science. There are many Data Scientists who originally belong to fields as diverse as Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and even Business. Do you belong to any of the above fields and do you wish to switch to Data Science? You can very well do so by upgrading your skills with an online course or a formal course on Data Science.

 6) Inclusion of Sub-roles – Data Science also includes many sub-roles within itself. What are they? Data Architect, Business Analyst, Database Administrator, Analytics Manager are some sub-roles that are also as hot as Data Scientist jobs.

 7)    Presence across different industries and geographical locations – Data Scientist jobs are in demand across different industries such as Healthcare, Banking, IT, etc. Therefore, Data Scientist jobs are available everywhere. Not only this, but Data Scientist jobs are also available across various geographical locations.

Upgrade your skills today!

Now that it’s clear why Data Scientist jobs are in demand, go for an online or formal course and upgrade your skills if Data Scientist is the job that you were waiting for all this while.

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