Who is Joe Seo? And All About Joe Seo


  • Have you watched the popular Netflix show, Cobra Kai? If yes, you must have seen Kyler. Do you know about the actor who played the role of Kyler? No? Don’t worry. We are here to tell you everything about him in this blog post. He is Joe Seo and contrary to popular belief, he is not a teenager. Surprised? Well, there are more surprising things about him and we are going to reveal all of them in this blog post.
  • If you want to know more about Joe Seo, keep reading this blog post till the end.
  • As already mentioned above, in this blog post, we will be revealing all that you need to know about the actor, Joe Seo.

Who is Joe Seo?

  • His full name is Joseph Seo and he is from South Korea. He is an actor by profession, working for the American Film industry.

Joe Seo Age:

  • He was born in South Korea on July 31, 1990, to Youn Ho Cho and Haerry Kim. If you are wondering about Joe Seo’s age, well he is 31 years old.

On-screen Debut 

  • Joe Seo is often referred to as a Korean-American actor and it is often thought that he is a newcomer as far as the American Film Industry is concerned. But, the truth is, he first made his on-screen debut way back in 2006. He has played numerous minor roles in movies such as Gridiron Gang and Vacation.

Watershed Moment

  • His watershed moment came in 2016 for Spa Night with the role of David Cho. Los Angeles Times nominated Spa Night for “Top 20 Asian-American Movies of the last 20 Years”.

Cobra Kai

  • The 2018 Netflix show, Cobra Kai further cemented him as an actor when he played the character of Kyler. Joe Seo made his way right into the hearts of fans as Kyler and showcased his talent to the audience.

All about Joe Seo

Award Nominations

  • Among Joe Seo movies, Spa Night is a special one as it brought Joe Seo an award for his performance. At the Sundance Closing Award Ceremony, he bagged the United States Dramatic Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Performance. Joe’s fans are already excited to see him in his upcoming movies and he doesn’t seem to mind all the attention that he is getting as of now.

Acting Career

  • As per Joe Seo, he never dreamed of having a career in acting. He started acting only when he was in high school. He has revealed that as a teen, he hated many things, and acting provided him with a “way to escape”.

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Theater School

  • Joe Seo took acting seriously only after he graduated high school. He not only went to a theatre school but also studied acting further in Asia.

UCLA Scholarship

  • Joe earned a full UCLA scholarship and as a bright student planned to join the medical field, which was also his parents’ wish. But, fate had some other plans for him so, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. He also has a minor in African American Studies.

Few roles in Asia

  • Joe Seo wanted to act in diverse roles, so, he moved to Asia for a while. He has worked on various shows and commercials in China, Japan, and Korea.

Interest in Arts

  • Joe also has an interest in Arts. He is interested in music, DJing, and Hip Hop Dance, among others. As per his Instagram handle, he is a fan of Eminem.

Personal Life

  • In a 2007 Facebook photo shared by Joe Seo, he was seen hanging out with a lady, Giovanni, who also happened to be his co-star in the movie, Freedom Writers. Since then nothing has been shared by him about his personal life. It is thought he is single as his current focus is on his career.

Joe Seo Movies as of now

  • As of now, he is continuing his role as Kyler in Cobra Kai, which is in its third season. Although we don’t know the release date of the fourth season of the show, he has been confirmed as Kyler in it too.


  • We hope you now have a sufficient idea about Joe Seo, his movies, and his personal life. As of now, we only know this much about him. Check this space for more news on entertainment.


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