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  • WhatsApp is the go-to app for sending messages, photos, videos, and more instantly and getting a response there and then. Not only that WhatsApp allows users to conduct video calls or voice calls, and send audio messages too. WhatsApp has come up with new and improved features from time to time to make it easier and safer to send messages. View Once is one such feature that has been rolled out by WhatsApp to help users maintain privacy.
  • The feature will be helpful to every WhatsApp user who wants to maintain online privacy.
  • In this post, we will be talking about the View Once privacy features, sending media using View Once feature to trusted users, and how to send media using View Once on WhatsApp.

 What is the View Once feature of WhatsApp and what features are included in it?

To provide users more control over their privacy, WhatsApp has come up with the View Once feature. What is it? Well, through the View Once a feature, photos, and videos get deleted from your WhatsApp chat once they have been opened.

You can send private photos and videos and not worry about them being stored as they get deleted once they have been opened by the recipient.

As per the statement given by WhatsApp, the recipient’s photo or gallery won’t contain media as media won’t be stored or saved there. After a photo or video is sent through View Once, you won’t be able to view it again.

For whom is this View Once feature applicable? View Once feature applies to everyone as it becomes available to everyone starting from the present week. WhatsApp is also looking for feedback on this new privacy feature which helps you in sending private media as they disappear after being opened.

Do you want to send photos of yourself trying on new clothes to your sister and get an instant reaction from her? Do you need to share your wi-fi password? Don’t worry as you can send the photos and they will vanish once opened by the recipient. Isn’t this new privacy feature amazing?

WhatsApp has also said that View Once media are end-to-end encrypted. In other words, WhatsApp cannot see the media that you send. The end-to-end encryption is applied to all other WhatsApp personal messages.

View Once WhatsApp media will have a “one-time” icon as well.

To do away with any sort of confusion, the message after being viewed will be marked as “opened” which will also give you an idea of what’s going on in the chat.

Once the media has been sent or received with View Once a feature, you won’t be able to forward, start, share, or save them. Isn’t that double protection? Yes, it is as online privacy should be the priority.

 Should you be sending View once media to “trusted” people only?

The answer to the above question is “Yes”. But why? WhatsApp has warned that the recipient can capture screenshots of the photo or video sent using View Once. Not only this, the recipient can even use a camera to capture a screenshot of the photo or video before it disappears. Why is it alarming? That’s because you won’t even get a notification if someone captures a screenshot of View Once media. WhatsApp further warns that WhatsApp servers may store encrypted media for a few weeks after you have sent the same.

 How should you send media using View Once on WhatsApp?

You can send media using View Once on WhatsApp by performing the following steps:-

Step 1 – Open the app, WhatsApp, and go to the attachment icon.

Step 2 – Navigate to your phone’s gallery and select the media file i.e photo or media that you wish to send.

Step 3 – After performing Step 2, you need to go to the “Add a caption” bar and click on the clock-like icon in it, and Voila! View Once feature will be enabled and a message saying, “Photoset to View Once” will flash on your screen. That’s it you can now send photos and videos to your friends and family members and they will vanish after they have been opened.


As a responsible online user, it is necessary to stay abreast of all the features and the updates rolled out by various platforms like WhatsApp to ensure you get the most out of the apps. Also, maintaining online privacy is extremely important what with hackers and cybercriminals roaming around the internet. The idea is to stay ahead of the hackers and bamboozle them with the rolled-out features from time to time.

Enable WhatsApp View Once feature now!

Now that you know everything about the WhatsApp View Once privacy features and also the steps to enable the same, go for it as it is available to all WhatsApp users. Also, just to ensure you get to use the latest features on WhatsApp, we suggest you update the version of WhatsApp on your phone in case the update is available. Nobody wants to be outdated after all.

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