What is cloudflare and why we use it

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is the CDN (content delivery network). Cloudflare is a free CDN-style product that defends against threats such as identity theft and injection. There are many people Cloudflare for Free SSL. Yes, SSL. According to Google, if your website does not open with “HTTPS://,” your website is not secure.

Cloudflare also increases site reliability and speeds load times with its various data centers worldwide. Cloudflare has the biggest network operating in the world. They have many servers in the world. That’s why it will faster then others.

Ex. If your website server location is India and your users are in the USA. Then it take time to fully load. But if your website server is in the USA and user also from there. Then your website will open quickly. To Cloudflare you no need to buy any server for different location. You just need to use Cloudflare and it will save your website on various locations as a cache. So that’s why your website can open quickly.

This means a visitor to your website would be routed physically to the nearest server. 

It’s simple: the closer the data center, the quicker the user loads your site. 

Cloudflare is a special and useful network.

  • Another advantage is the reduction of bot spits, which depending on your source can be both beneficial and damaging. 
  • A bot crawl is normally used for details on your webpage, to go to websites, and “crawl.” 
  • Although this may be useful if the content of content thefts was caught using your website design without approval. the content and information on your website can also be falsified by inserting spam and malware via backdoors files. 
  • It is a safe way to think of Cloudflare as a web proxy. Cloudflare will block suspicious content and keep you safe from malicious malware, spambots, and harmful traffic as a result of a cache of your website.

What can we do with Cloudflare?

  • It’s not a hosting provider that makes Cloudflare special. You need to update your DNS with Cloudflare DNS. Then it will connect with your website. 
  • If your website is open with only HTTP:// then you should choose cloudflare’s HTTPS://. Now your website is secure and fast.
  • Now, Cloudflare can track and control where this misleading traffic comes from in cases of anomalies that detect generated safety risks or high-traffic patterns.
  • As a consequence, you can quickly know if your site can be exposed to unwanted attacks.
  • This means simply that the user still has a chance to access your website. 
  • The Cloudflare server asks the hosting company for a copy of the website and links it to the website copy.
  • Cloudflare also provides you traffic analytics like google Analytics. Cloudflare analytics detect all the activities like, bots, attack and many others.
  • You can monitor the kind of traffic that you get with Cloudflare as well.
  • It removes concerns about missing tags or chances of downtime by code embedding.
  • Cloudflare removes your hands for that reason.

How do I know that I am right for Cloudflare?

  • Imagine how much stress and time you need for the management of several sites. If you think about the management you need to use cloudflare to handle the reputation of website.
  • Cloudflare is a free-to-use platform so long as a single site is manage. 
  • There are many paid options in cloudflare, So you can offers greater adaptability and other extra options. So that can provide visitors to your site with the best experience.
  • In general, this service provides several Site management solutions and prevents the server from experiencing vulnerabilities.
  • It offers also the benefits which low-end web hosting not provides. Like, Security, Speed and SSL.
  • It provides you a free wordpress plugin. So you can easily use it.


It helps users around the globe to access your website faster.

You placed the data on your Website on various servers around the world, thereby minimizing load times for customers when anyone attempts to access your Website. 

You can check out Cloudflare for more detailed details on the services it offers.

Cloudflare means that you transfer your DNS domains to them. 

You need to ensure you have the opportunity to customize your Name Servers domains before you continue if your domain is not hosted with Harmonweb.

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