One thing that is annoyed a variety of gamers within the Warhammer 40,000: Darktide beta isn’t realizing precisely what a weapon is like earlier than it is in our fingers. Once you see a brand new autogun or chainsword within the armory there might be a few phrases to sum up its strengths, like Cell or Excessive Capability, some numberless bars for attributes like injury and reload pace, after which a trio of icons which are as inscrutable as any of the Chaos runes drawn on the partitions of Tertium Hive. It is onerous to know what you are shopping for.

Although there is not any mouseover textual content on these icons within the beta, press the V key when you’re within the menu to examine a weapon and you may deliver up an info display that gives their names, if not descriptions. (The combo assaults of melee weapons are additionally proven right here.) Some are plain sufficient, and some might be acquainted to those that performed Fatshark’s earlier Warhammer recreation, Vermintide 2. Others are nonetheless straight-up inscrutable. I’ve spent a while within the Meat Grinder testing room to determine simply what the entire weapon symbols and stats imply.

Ranged weapon symbols

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