What are the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games in 2022+?


  • Nintendo Switch has come a long way from hosting a handful of titles to hosting many games every year. What are Nintendo Switch games? Which are the games that exist in the main list? What are the physical cartridges that can be bought now? Which are some of the eShop titles that saw a recent release? Most importantly, which are the upcoming Nintendo Switch Games? Let’s find out in this blog post.
  • If you want to know everything about Nintendo Switch games and upcoming Nintendo Switch Games, you have landed on the right blog post.
  • In this blog post, we will be talking about What are the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games in 2022+?.

In 2022+, there will be 25 TRIPLE A Upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

What are Nintendo Switch Games?

  • Nintendo Switch games are video games that are available for the console, Nintendo Switch. You can get these games both in physical formats and digital formats. While physical games can be bought in the form of cartridges, the Nintendo eShop is where digital games can be bought.

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Nintendo Switch Games included in the Main List

  • The main list of Nintendo Switch Games contains 5 pages. These 5 lists contain 4270 games. Here’s the list:
  • First Nintendo Switch Games List (0-9 and A)
  • Second Nintendo Switch Games List (B)
  • Third Nintendo Switch Games List (C-G)
  • Fourth Nintendo Switch Games List (H-P)
  • Fifth Nintendo Switch Games List (Q-Z)

Physical Game Cartridges that can be bought now

  • Nerf Legends – Nov.19 – $50
  • Pokemon Shining Pearl– Nov.19 – $60
  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond– Nov.19 – $60
  • NASCAR HEAT Ultimate Edition + – Nov.19 – $40

Some of the eShop titles that saw a recent release

  • A Boy and His Blob- $15
  • Air Stunt Racing – $6
  • Bloody Rally Show- $20
  • Captain Backwater- $10
  • City Traffic Driver- $12
  • Dumpy & Bumpy- $5
  • Dungeon Adventure – $1
  • Emergency Driver Simulator – $14
  • Football Manager 2020 Touch – $40
  • Galaxy Shooter – $5
  • Hoplegs – $7
  • Ice Station Z – $5
  • Klang 2- $15
  • Little Bug – $13
  • Mind Scanners- $17
  • Night Lights – $5
  • One Last Memory – $10
  • Popeye – $13
  • Real Boxing 2 – $15
  • Shiro – $5
  • The Prince of Landis- $8
  • Unpacking- $20
  • Venus: Improbable Dream – $10
  • World War Z – $40
  • X-Force Genesis- $7

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

Here’s the list of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

1) Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Switch)

  • This installment of the Big Brain Academy series that was announced in September 2021, is one of the upcoming Nintendo Switch games. In this game, you will get the chance of challenging other people’s ghost data online. It came out yesterday itself and since reviews on the game are still pouring in, we thought of including it on this list. The game is available for you to check.

2) Life Is Strange: True Colors

  • Square Enix Europe has finally listened to Switch players’ pleas and is bringing the Life Is Strange Series to Nintendo Switch in the form of Life Is Strange: True Colors and Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection this year itself.

3) Loop Hero

  • This time loop strategy RPG game is the next name on our list of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Games. In this game, you get to fight monsters and gather energy and resources as you proceed. PC players have already got a taste of this game and have praised it too. For Nintendo Switch players, December 9, 2021, is the date to judge if this game is worth playing.

4) Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

  • If you have played Shovel Knight you must be aware of the positive reviews that it got. The upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is also supposed to blow players’ minds with a whole new take on the pivotal character and the support characters. The date that all eyes are set on is December 13, 2021, when Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is going to release.

5) OlliOlli World

  • The new installment of the series that was announced in summer this year is going to be released in winter. This visually attractive world that will allow you to skateboard and perform tricks, brings our list of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Games to an end.


  • Now that you know all about Nintendo Switch Games: Upcoming Nintendo Switch games, be ready with your console set up to play these games as the releases are not far away. Happy Switching to Nintendo Switch!

FAQ of Nintendo Switch Games

  1. What are some Nintendo switch games with good stories?

    Top 10 best Nintendo switch games with good stories
    1) THE WITCHER 3
    9) NI NO KUNI


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