Four people in armour stand atop a desert landscape. The far left one faces away from camera in black armour, a barbarian with their face covered by a mask stands next to them. A female with medium-length brown hair and white shimmering armour duel wields guns, one held up and one pointing out to her right. Below her outstretched gun an archer crouches, their face obscured by an elaborate headdress.

September saw the unsurprising news that Babylon’s Fall, a real time solution game produced by Platinum Games and posted by Square Enix, would be to be shuttered after lower than annually. The overall game is not any much longer on sale, and has now stopped product sales of premium money, although the servers stay real time until February 27, 2023.

The game had been, and I also state this utilizing the sadness of the Platinum devotee, a tragedy. It established up to a barrage of critique over its appearance and small re-use of assets off their Square Enix games, nevertheless the issues had been above aesthetic: the overall game did not feel well in the possession of and, for the real time solution game specially, there simply was not much content. “there is not also sufficient never to like,” our reviewer noted on the road to awarding it a 45. “there is not sufficient complete end.”

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