Well, this is not what I expected a game called 'Priest Simulator' to look like

i am unsure the things I actually expected from the game called Priest Simulator. Perhaps you’d pay attention to somebody’s confession and select from the fall down range of penances to designate toward sinner? Or perhaps you’d officiate a marriage using a minigame in which you must find the right verses and obtain the groom and bride’s names right? Perhaps rotating a thumbstick to move that… that brass thing, whatever its, for a string, the point that… like, smoke or vapor or incense arrives from it? 

Sorry, I happened to be maybe not raised with faith, have not pursued it being an adult, as well as the final time I happened to be in a very church it absolutely was with Father Grigori in Half-Life 2. But whilst uninformed when I have always been, once I imagine a simulation game you perform being a priest, it is not any such thing like the things I see inside trailer for Priest Simulator. It starts having frightening vocals loudly declaring “Hell is my play ground!” prior to the priest, in first-person, starts extremely punching the atmosphere and giving fireballs into some form of giant spider perched atop the ruins of the town.

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