Halloween is over. Complete. Donezo. Finished. Jason Voorhees has gone out and Mariah Carey is in (starts in brand new tab). Absolutely nothing horror is permitted the remaining 12 months, which means we have to create some sacrifices. In commitment toward oncoming festive duration we ought to all respect that scares are over until 2023 and install this symbolic mod, which swaps the Charger in Left 4 Dead for Homer Simpson driving their lilac sedan. 

exactly why is Homer driving their lilac sedan a festive mod? I shall never be using concerns at the moment. But I am able to state that absolutely nothing has made me personally laugh today quite around seeing Homer Simpson stepped on this bad player fighting because of their success. Kept 4 Dead is practically unrecognisable within little clip from Twitter as a result of just how many mods are packed involved with it. I am convinced Overwatch loot containers are not in Overwatch any longer, right? Then abruptly the group is torn aside by my favourite doughnut-loving idiot. 

(Image credit: Minnie Mouse)

The Homer Simpson’s automobile – Charger (starts in brand new tab) mod was created with a individual on Steam known as Minnie Mouse (does Mickey understand you prefer horror games, Minnie?) and has now quite the good score on the internet site. Also simply the clip as possible see marketing the mod is absurd, because alternatively it is Peter Griffin being mauled by the zombie vehicle. 

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