Weird West Review - A Fantastical Frontier

Weird western is just a spellbinding, isometric depiction for the crazy western. Through the minds behind Dishonored and Prey, this compelling immersive sim is unlike any western story you’ve skilled. Its macabre frontier is not merely a land of cowboys and cattle but one full of old secret and hideous monstrosities like werewolves, flesh-eating sirens, gold-hungry zombies, and bewitched woods effective at trapping the souls of males. 

The game’s primary narrative is just a five-chapter anthology following a life of five “heroes” – a bounty hunter, a man-turned-pig, a tribal protector, a werewolf, plus zealot – whoever journeys are unwittingly linked. You perform whilst the traveler, a faceless entity whom possesses a fresh protagonist in almost every chapter for mystical reasons. The tale starts by adhering to a rancher who’s abandoned the woman old life as being a bounty hunter but must discover the woman irons to save the woman kidnapped member of the family. Just what begins as being a safe, main-stream cowboy revenge tale unravels as a story of unbelievable results. You’ll assist a poet lift a curse in one single minute, causing him to just talk in rhymes. An additional, you’ll contemplate submiting a sheriff after discovering they’ve transformed the prison as a meat market and so are feeding on imprisoned crooks’ corpses. Following a sluggish begin, Weird western quickly ups the ante in thrilling and ridiculous methods, and simply once you’ve figured things away, one thing unexpectedly changes. it is therefore fun seeing just how each chapter spirals into another with every brand new revelation. 

Although the mythology of Weird western is enchanting, its sandbox game play brings the planet your. It is possible to resolve many dilemmas via stealth if you remain from sight and acceptably conceal systems, however there’s a bevy of weapons, bows, and melee tools enticing one to participate in the game’s raucous twin-stick-style shoot-outs. Blast foes into bits aided by the shotgun’s screen-shaking burst, fan the revolver’s hammer to unleash a rainfall of bullets, or quietly eradicate opponents with Sentry Silencer. This unlockable rifle capability silences your following shot and doubles injury to unaware enemies. 

Each for the five protagonists wields unique spells as well as perks like increased wellness or motion rate they tell one other figures. The Pigman can deflect bullets together with his rubbery epidermis, immerse the encompassing ground in poison, or charge enemies headfirst to deal devastating harm. In addition, the Protector is effective at summoning nature bears or tornadoes which can be imbued with elemental properties. Fight takes a amount of accuracy suitable for mouse and keyboard, if your only choice is always to play Weird western by having a controller, I’d suggest utilizing the game’s Tactical Mode, which slows time down seriously to allow you to better prepare out your motions. 

weird west review

You could aim during the obvious red-hued TNT barrel for the noisy explosion or skyrocket at a package of ammo, giving a barrage of bullets in almost every way. But we don’t suggest the second technique if you are low on ammo. Numerous enemies have actually weaknesses like fire or poison, but often you’ll get low on materials. In the place of utilizing a dynamite stick or molotov cocktail to produce a fire, equip the bow and arrow close to a nearby flame to produce a fire arrow. Always don’t inadvertently blow your self up, when I did repeatedly. In the event that you establish burning, quickly look for a water supply – a pond, tub, or possibly a water pump – before burning to death. These physics-based interactions make me personally enjoy resolving the game’s challenges, though it is aggravating whenever embarrassing digital camera perspectives hinder my best-laid plans.

The overworld of Weird western is big and populated with dozens – almost hundreds – of diamond-shaped nodes representing the countless homesteads, towns, and stretches of backwoods you are able to travel between. The map’s abundance of areas might be overwhelming, with brand new areas cropping through to nearly every trek, though i will be usually rewarded with brand new loot once I stop. As well as serving as trade hubs and places of sleep, towns tend to be places you are able to employ mercenaries to participate your posse as celebration people. Although some hired fingers can help your cause cost-free – revenge usually functions as a much better money than coins – numerous will need a hefty upfront charge before lending their trigger hand. 


How do you want to make money, however? You might break in to the lender and rob its coffers when you have sufficient dynamite or lockpicks. Though alternatives usually have effects (also beyond tale moments), it is more straightforward to get back through the night whenever bank’s shut should you want to avoid a shoot-out or perhaps a unlawful reputation. By having a rope inside stock, scale the bank’s rooftop and quietly enter through chimney chute. Aside from approach, Weird western entertains a bevy of playstyles, usually motivating me personally to consider circumstances by way of a various lens. 

Whether in notable moments or elsewhere forgettable encounters, Weird western recalls anything you do. Side figures you betray will appear a great deal later, often during crucial moments, to enact quick vengeance. On the other hand, brand new buddies – just like the woman whoever land deed we retrieved – might appear inside time of desperation in the event that you assisted them earlier in the day inside journey. These effects add importance to the tiniest alternatives, while never ever understand how the planet might respond to a determination. In the event that you eliminate every one of the individuals in a city – yeah, I’m evaluating everyone sickos whom did this playing Skyrim in senior high school – the area will end up abandoned. After the time passes, it’s going to develop into a literal ghost city, as ghoulish monsters drawn by the scent of rotting corpses use up residence and completely transform the establishment as a hellish domain.  


Weird West’s most readily useful assets are its well-developed figures and deep game play systems, but its general manufacturing value is underwhelming. The game’s cell-shading appears adequate on greater settings and big displays, however the structure quickly becomes dirty on less-powerful devices like my Steam Deck. Furthermore, a small bug prevented me personally from saving my game periodically, causing a few aggravating fatalities. 

Regardless, developer Wolfeye Studios has crafted one hell of the first launch. Weird western subverts objectives, twisting well-trodden cowboy tropes into dark dream vignettes delivered to life by immersive sandbox elements. 

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