Blight: Survival appears wonderful if you want zombies, knights, and historically-inspired slash accurate armor and tools. Recently unveiled in a game play trailer, Blight actually “4-player co-op action-horror roguelite” in which you venture in to a no-man’s land between warring states the place where a terrible thing has arisen which turns individuals and corpses into monsters. Blight: Survival is not away yet, and there isn’t any launch date.

The trailer actually pretty pleasing view, because it follows an armored soldier through ruined towns as well as the dirty landscapes of swamp and woodland between. Blight is defined within an alternative 14th century, as well as the appearance listed here is believably spot-on. The overall game is a looter, explorer, and cooperative roguelite for four players, with a few things you will find using one run holding to the following.

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