We’re on the finish of the Darktide pre-order beta’s first week and there is nonetheless tons left to be added to the sport. Fatshark has laid out the modifications (opens in new tab) it is implementing week-by-week with a considerably imprecise abstract of the options we’re getting within the run-up to launch, however proper now there aren’t sufficient unlocks to be definitely worth the grind.

Over the weekend I maxed my Zealot Preacher to stage 30 simply to see what options are within the sport or if there have been any noteworthy or secret unlocks. Apart from the cosmetics (opens in new tab) you may get via penances, a couple of cutscenes, feats, and weapons in your class (opens in new tab), there is not actually anything. Should you reckon you are solely going to stage one character throughout your time with Darktide, I might very a lot suggest ready till a number of the different options have been added.

It is type of clear from the cutscenes, like at rank 11 with Sire Melk, that assembly sure characters will unlock their respective store or operate for the participant, it is simply that these features aren’t within the sport but. That stated, there are weapon unlocks, and a few of them are notably nice. The heavy eviscerator chainsword for Zealot, for instance, is likely one of the greatest weapons I feel Fatshark has ever made, and utilizing the flamer to soften a horde of unsuspecting poxwalkers is a joyful expertise.

(Picture credit score: Fatshark)

The issue with unlocking weapons proper now’s that we do not know the way the crafting system works, and what implications it will have on rerolling, and even buying weapons. Each time you get a cutscene you additionally unlock some new weapons that may seem on the Requisitorium, however will that additionally unlock them for crafting like in Vermintide 2? Curios are additionally a little bit of an unknown. You should purchase them, or purchase them via the curio reward likelihood you get from equipping curios, however will they be craftable, too? I reached out to Fatshark for some clarification concerning crafting and cosmetics.

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