Darktide Curios are so much like talismans from the Vermintide sequence, letting you buff sure stats, cut back specific injury varieties, and simply usually add slightly buildcrafting component you can tweak in direction of your playstyle. Although the Darktide pre-order beta would not function crafting proper now, you possibly can nonetheless get Curios and equip them to your Reject.

In the event you’re simply beginning out within the beta, you may want assist selecting a class, to take a look at some Darktide ideas, or study tips on how to change your look. Both manner, here is how Curios works in Darktide, in addition to the easiest way to get them within the sport.

How do Darktide Curios work? 

You should purchase Curios on the Requisitorium (Picture credit score: Fatshark)

Curios grant stat boosts that may enable you take care of the unrelenting hordes and specials that Darktide throws at you. Thus far, the pre-order beta Curios appear to buff toughness, well being, stamina, or your variety of wounds as a main. In the event you get a rarer blue Curio as a substitute of a inexperienced, it’ll additionally grant a secondary buff reminiscent of expertise, injury discount in opposition to particular enemy varieties, Curio drop likelihood, or corruption resistance for carrying Grimoires.

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