whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web 

whatsapp web
These Whatsapp web options

This WhatsApp web is use full for desktop users and that WhatsApp web Process is, first of all, you can type in your desktop screen in google query WhatsApp Web so you can see the first link of WhatsApp web and enter that link and then the second work is take your android Mobile and open the WhatsApp application and you can see that WhatsApp screen and then Click Right side you can see three dots touch that three dots and I think the third option is Linked devices so enter that option and you see your desktop screen one barcode you can See so scan of a barcode with your android mobile and enter the WhatsApp in your pc screen and use that WhatsApp in your pc screen.

Use of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world best communication App ever and that app use full of android phones and ios phones and then you can develop your communication and other external Works and then WhatsApp you can download on your android mobile in your play store and ios mobile in your apple store and then first of all register your mobile number in your download Whatsapp App and then you can use Whatsapp and set your name and set your profile dp.

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1.The first time you can see the chats options:

whatsapp web
This Whatsapp chats options

This chat box provides your contacts and then you chat with your friends, family member, and other business friends and then you can develop your business with chat with business Whatsapp and progress your future and your time this Whatsapp chat many options provide for your Whatsapp just like emoji, gifs, documents send and videos and other many options so you can use that options.

2.The second option is status options:

whatsapp web
These Whatsapp status options

This status option is mostly to use full for your business Advertisement and other the daily routine impressive work you can so your friends and other contacts and then you can private option is available of your Whatsapp so you can choose your contacts and that contact is sawed your status so that is useful for your Whatsapp.

3.The Third option is audio call and video call:

whatsapp web
These Whatsapp audio and video call options

This third option is to use full for your voice communication and face-to-face communication And you can add multiple people for your Whatsapp audio call and video call then that option is available of your internet availability that good internet availability So you can use that Whatsapp third option is very easy and great video chat with friends and family members and business partners.

New features of Whatsapp

Recently Whatsapp added new features and that feature is two new playback speed for your Audio files. and then talk about the number of playable speeds to three. these include 1X and the default, original speed along with 1.5X, and 2Xand then let you any files play the Files at 5 or 100 percent faster speeds.






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