Valve once again has good news for those who are still waiting on their Steam Deck pre-orders. Thanks to increased production, some Q4 Steam Deck orders, which were scheduled to ship later this year, are being fulfilled as I write.

The last batch of Q3 Steam Deck email reservations, which were estimated to come between July and September, went out today as Valve said it has beaten its “production estimates yet again.” Reservation emails for the Q4 time frame are now being sent out.

If you get a Steam Deck reservation email, you have 72 hours to complete the transaction, and then if all goes optimally you’ll be playing Cult of the Lamb on your couch in a matter of days. Just make sure your shipping and billing info is up-to-date. 

According to this short blog post, Valve has been “speeding through reservations at an accelerated pace.” Valve has doubled production of the Steam Deck every week since June

Valve has also updated the Steam Deck product page to say that anyone who preorders a Deck today should see one in their hands between September and December.

Tokyo Game Show attendees were able to get a hands-on Steam Deck and make friends with Valve’s new mascot, Steam Pal, just as it prepares to launch in most regions of Asia  

Some more good news: We’ve beaten our own production estimates yet again! As of today we’ve sent invitations to everyone left with a Q3 (July-September) reservation, and are getting a head start on Q4: 19, 2022

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