Valorant’s 5.06 patch notes are here and they’re calling out bad behaviour. Though the main focus of the patch is the large changes to the map Pearl, which I’ll go over in detail, what piqued my curiosity is the brand new Disruptive Gameplay-based Behaviour Indicator. Valorant is now going to point out the players in each game that have been flagged as behaving in a disruptive manner. 

The patch notes simply state: “We’ve introduced a feature that will show at the end of game screen, which players have been detected for engaging in disruptive gameplay-based behaviour.” This will be added to Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush and Replication with others modes on the way. What disruptive behaviour means in this context is anyone’s guess as Riot haven’t clarified what that exactly means. Does it mean going afk mid-round? Does it mean language used in voice comms or using abilities to harm team mates to try and teamkill them? Perhaps. But Valorant will now point at you and laugh as you hide in shame as it knows you’re being an asshole in a video game. 


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