A character stands in front of a Valheim spice rack, which is hanging from a beam above a cauldron

The spice rack is among the brand new improvements within the Hearth and Residence improvement. Not merely has got the latest improvement overhauled the meals system in Valheim, but there’s also brand new cooking channels. The spice rack is just a cauldron update, however if you wish to get all down, you may make a stone oven (starts in brand new tab) to bake bread, too. 

Crafting a spice rack and putting it near to your cauldron will assist you to unlock extra meals for various food stuffs. It does not require endgame resources either, though unlocking the recipe are tricky unless you understand what to consider. Listed here is making a Valheim spice rack, such as the most readily useful spot to place it.

How to create a spice rack in Valheim 

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