How to get an internship on LinkedIn for Freshers?


  • If Facebook and Twitter are the leading social networking platforms, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the No. 1 professional networking platform. It is a great platform for freshers and even experienced professionals to look for lucrative job opportunities. But, if you are a fresher, you must be looking for a job/internship opportunity that will enhance your resume. What if we tell you that you can get an internship on LinkedIn? Yes, that’s true and we will be discussing the process of getting the same on LinkedIn. So, are you ready?
  • If you are a fresher, look no further and focus on reading this blog post till the end.

Best Way To Use Linkedin

Here Steps for Using LinkedIn For Internship

1) Create a profile for yourself :

  • The first step to get an internship on LinkedIn if you are a fresher is to create a profile that is as professional as it can be. Remember, your focus should be on making a profile that will get you results i.e. internships/jobs. Therefore, you should create your profile in such a way that it represents you. You need to mention your academics, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, certification courses, summer internships, and others to increase your chances of getting hired. Also, be honest and ensure there are no mistakes in your profile. Finally, a professional photograph of yours will give a face to your profile and will help you market yourself to potential employers.

2) Build your own professional network :

  • This is the next step to get an internship on LinkedIn for freshers. You can start by connecting your email ID with your LinkedIn profile. This will help LinkedIn look for connections from your email contacts. You can also search for your school/college mates, past internship colleagues, bosses, and even professors. We can tell you a way to do so in an effective way and that is by using the “Advanced” button which is situated on the right side of the search bar. You can connect with acquaintances by searching for a keyword, first name, last name, company, school/college, location, etc. People who view your profile may also send you invitations to connect with them.

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3) Ask for recommendations :

  • Asking for recommendations is also a step that will help us answer the question, “How to get an internship on LinkedIn for freshers?” You can ask the people you have connected with on LinkedIn to give recommendations on your performance. Recommendations from professors or past internship bosses will give your potential employers an idea about you and your performance and good recommendations will prove to be extremely useful in getting an internship. If a peer recommends you, you can recommend them too and be courteous as that is a sign of a good professional.

4) Join LinkedIn groups :

  • This is another important step to get an internship on LinkedIn for freshers. You can join a group formed by your college placement cell or any other professional LinkedIn group depending on your professional interests so that you inch a step closer to getting hired as an intern. By joining a group, you get an opportunity to connect with thousands of people and that will also help in building your professional network.

5) Look for internships/jobs on LinkedIn :

  • This is a crucial step to getting an internship on LinkedIn for freshers. Look for companies and internships/jobs in the career field that you are interested in. Make use of the “Easy Apply” button of LinkedIn and put up a cover letter and resume to directly approach a recruiter. In case there’s no “Easy Apply” button, you can go for the “Apply” button to attract the attention of recruiters. Some internship/job ads even contain the name and profile of the recruiter who is hiring so that you can directly contact them and get noticed.


  • Start and gradually establish your profile on LinkedIn. It is as simple as that. LinkedIn as a platform is easy to use and offers interesting functionalities. You don’t need to update information regularly. Updating every few months will do. Leverage LinkedIn and your LinkedIn profile and who knows that internship you were looking for may just fall on your lap.

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