We reside in a polarised period. The political divides that preserve us separated have by no means appeared so impermeable. Brother wars in opposition to brother, mother or father in opposition to youngster, partner in opposition to partner. However even in these darkish occasions, one factor stays to unite us: Wanting down our nostril at crypto bros and folks ranked decrease than us in on-line multiplayer PvP battle arenas. As long as we have now this, the centre will maintain.

Nobody is aware of this higher than US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). The consultant for New York’s 14th Congressional District and—extra importantly—Silver III ranked League of Legends participant (opens in new tab), killed two birds with one stone not too long ago in a tweet dunking on each the folks behind the spectacular blow-up of the FTX crypto alternate (opens in new tab) and everybody worse than her at LoL.

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