Twitter Fleets and How to Use them?

Twitter has joined the list of social media platforms that offer vanishing posts akin to Snapchat. Today, I’ll go over all you need to know about using Twitter Fleets, including a step-by-step guide.

What are Twitter Fleets?

Twitter Fleets are the social media platform equivalent to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn Stories.

Twitter, like other social media networks, now allows you to make posts that will be deleted in 24 hours.

Fleets, unlike regular Tweets, cannot be retweeted, embedded, or liked.

Twitter Fleets permits you to: 

  1. Text can be added to your Fleet.
  2. Make changes to the background
  3. Public Tweets can be shared.
  4. Make videos or capture pictures.
  5. Video or photo files should be transferred.

When seeing another person’s Fleets, you can: 

  1. With a pre-set list of emoticons, respond to Fleets.
  2. React to fleets by delivering a customized message

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How long are Twitter Fleets? 

Twitter Fleets are six seconds long by default. Recordings of up to 30 seconds in length can be transferred. However, if your movie is longer than 30 seconds, you’ll need to cut it down to fit inside your Fleets. Twitter will greet you with an in-app video trimmer while transferring a longer video.

Step by step instructions to Utilize Twitter Fleets

Since we’ve gone over the basics of what Twitter Fleets are, let’s get into the finer points of how you can start using them:

The most effective method to View Other User’ Fleets

The versatility of Twitter’s Fleet is currently only available on the versatile application. Sign in to the Twitter app on your smartphone to see another user’s Fleet, and you’ll notice a bar at the top of your screen that displays Fleets posted by users in your network.

When you click Fleets, Twitter will automatically play all of the Fleets in your network.

Like other social platforms, you can:

  1. To stop a Fleet, keep your finger pressed down.

2. To see the previous Fleet, click on the left part of your screen.

3. To skip a Fleet, click on the right side of your screen.

4. Swipe right to go across many Fleets posted by a single person.

5. React to a Fleet by sending a specific message (the message highlight will possibly show up if the user grants it)

6. To react with a response, click the emoticon sign (the response highlight will possibly show up if the user permits it)

Step by step instructions to Make Your Own Twitter Fleets 

There are some slight differences between creating Twitter Fleets and creating Stories on Instagram or LinkedIn.

How about we begin with making your first Fleets: 

  1. To use the Twitter application, you must first log in.
  2. In the upper left corner of your screen, click the “New Fleets” button.
  3. From here, you’ll be able to share your “Short-lived thinking” in the following arrangements, which may be found at the bottom of your screen:
  4. Text – as it were –Choose from your existing media in your gallery.
  5. Take a photograph or record a video.
  6. Take a video of yourself.

Please select your preferred configuration by holding your finger down and sliding it left or right. 

We should investigate how to utilize every one of the four kinds of Twitter fleet designs… 

The most effective method to Utilize Text Fleets 

To enter your material, click anywhere on the screen.

Make your material look good: Using the paragraph sign, change the background of your content.

Use the B symbol to make your content stand out.

Using the Circle + Lines symbol, create a background for your content.

Using the Filled Circle symbol, you can change the color of your content.

Reposition your content by holding your finger on it and then dragging it to the desired location.

Holding two fingers on the content and stretching or contracting it will resize it.

Change the color of your background by clicking the colored circle at the bottom left of your screen, and Twitter Armadas will construct foundation shading assortments arbitrarily

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