Twilio hack investigation reveals second breach, as the number of affected customers rises • TechCrunch

U.S. messaging giant Twilio confirmed it had been struck with a 2nd breach in June that saw cybercriminals access consumer contact information.

Confirmation of this 2nd breach — performed by the exact same “0ktapus” hackers that compromised Twilio once again in August — ended up being hidden in a up-date up to a long event report that Twilio concluded on Thursday.

Twilio stated the “brief safety event,” which took place on June 29, saw the exact same attackers socially engineer a member of staff through sound phishing, a strategy whereby hackers make fraudulent calls impersonating the organization’s IT division in an attempt to deceive workers into handing over painful and sensitive information. In this situation, the Twilio worker offered their business qualifications, allowing the attacker to get into consumer contact information for the “limited quantity” of clients.

“The danger actor’s access ended up being identified and eliminated within 12 hours,” Twilio stated in its up-date, including that clients whoever information ended up being influenced by the June Incident had been notified on July 2.

whenever expected by TechCrunch, Twilio representative Laurelle Remzi declined to verify the precise quantity of clients influenced by the June breach and declined to fairly share a duplicate of this observe that the organization claims to possess provided for those impacted. Remzi additionally declined to express why Twilio has only disclosed the event.

Twilio additionally confirmed in its up-date your hackers behind the August breach accessed the info of 209 clients, a rise from 163 clients it shared on August 24. Twilio hasn’t known as some of its affected clients, however — like encrypted texting application Signal — have actually notified users which they had been afflicted with Twilio’s breach. The attackers additionally compromised the records of 93 Authy users, Twilio’s two-factor verification application it acquired in 2015.

“there is absolutely no proof your harmful actors accessed Twilio clients’ gaming console account qualifications, verification tokens, or API secrets,” Twilio stated towards attackers, which maintained usage of Twilio’s interior environment for just two times between August 7 and August 9, the organization confirmed.

The Twilio breach is section of a wider campaign from the danger star monitored as “0ktapus,” which directed at minimum 130 companies, including Mailchimp and Cloudflare. But Cloudflare stated the attackers didn’t compromise its system after having their efforts obstructed by phishing-resistant equipment safety secrets.

As section of its efforts to mitigate the effectiveness of comparable assaults in the foreseeable future, Twilio has established so it may also move away equipment safety secrets to all or any workers. Twilio declined to discuss its rollout schedule. The business claims additionally intends to implement extra levels of control within its VPN, eliminate and restrict particular functionality within certain administrative tooling, while increasing the refresh regularity of tokens for Okta-integrated applications.

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