Trombone player and baboon

Music rhythm game Trombone Champ (starts in brand new tab) became the primary character on Twitter yesterday, however in an effective way. After publishing a video clip of myself playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, ratings of individuals had been happy, enthusiastic, and perhaps also relocated to rips (as a result of how horribly I played (starts in brand new tab)).

But Trombone Champ is not just a fast-paced, enjoyable, and goofy music game. There is method, far more to it than simply wanting to toot along toward William Tell Overture, Hava Nagila, plus trap mixture of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik. There exists a dramatic black Souls-like cutscene introdcution, many secrets and secrets and unlockable trombones, a turd-based card creation system, a summonable demon, hefty doses of trombone lore, many details about just how many hot dogs famous trombone players can consume in one single sitting, and much more baboons than you’ll expect in a music game. (i might expect zero baboons in a music game. I might be means off.)

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