Trombone Champ, but it's Sephiroth playing One Winged Angel (badly)

This week in things just what cause you to laugh: listed here is somebody’s mod that places One Winged Angel, perhaps many famous little bit of music in the future from Final Fantasy as being a show, into Trombone Champ. (starts in brand new tab) it’s simple to view blocky 1990s Sephiroth, would-be globe destroying deity, poorly destroy their own theme music in the trombone.

Modder Henry Zhou’s Textbook (starts in brand new tab) has prepared up this adaptation, detailed with customized chart and back ground orchestration of Sephiroth playing a trombone. Not merely any trombone, head, but one having a ridiculously long slip because if Sephiroth’s blade is similar to eight legs very long you better think their trombone is going to be even much longer.

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