(Image credit: Wizards associated with the coastline)

Since the Unicron-sized doll business Hasbro has both Magic: The Gathering additionally the Transformers, possibly it is not the strangest part of the entire world your robots in disguise will be showing up in Wizards associated with the Coast’s collectible card game—at minimum from the brand name synergy standpoint. (actually, there is a convention-exclusive Grimlock Magic card (starts in brand new tab) offered at HasCon 2017.) During Hasbro’s present PulseCon (starts in brand new tab) it absolutely was revealed that 15 double-sided cards representing figures like Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Arcee, and Goldbug will likely be showing up in Magic: The Gathering. They’ll certainly be spread throughout booster packages for future expansion The Brothers’ War (starts in brand new tab), a retelling of the classic Magic storyline from 1994 that’ll have its worldwide launch on November 18. 

On one part the Transformers cards depict figures within their robot types, as well as on one other as cars or stereos or any. Each card will likely be printed in 2 art designs, one searching just like the 1980s cartoon, additionally the other resembling the present Transformers: Shattered Glass comic publications, that are emerge some sort of mirror world in which the Autobots will be the crooks additionally the Decepticons will be the heroes.

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