Top Windows 11 hidden features you need to know

Windows 11 hidden features


  • For online users, Windows is an extremely important operating system that makes internet usage smooth and efficient. It was developed by Microsoft and since the time of its development, Microsoft has come up with many upgraded versions which ensure an enhanced user experience. The latest version being Windows 11 which has many features that have aroused the interest of a million online users.
  •  If your life depends on electronic devices, Windows is ought to be an integral part of it.
  •  In this post, we will be talking about the reasons why you should get Windows 11 version and the top hidden features of the Windows 11 which you should be aware of.

 Why should you get Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a version of the Windows NT operating system which is yet to be launched. Its launch was announced on June 24, 2021, and it is expected to release in the latter half of 2021. It succeeds Windows 10 that was launched in 2015 and comes as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. But why should you get Windows 11?

 1) You get to stay up to date and what more? It comes as a free upgrade to Windows 10 – In order to fight attacks by cybercriminals, you should get Windows 11 to get all the latest security protections.

 2) Android apps will get the much-needed support from Windows 11 – Windows 11 will provide support to Android apps and you can access those apps using Amazon play store.

 3) Windows 11 will have DirectStorage support – DirectStorage support will enable Windows to run games keeping in mind the high-speed capabilities of Windows 11.

 4)   Snap layouts can be customized on Windows 11- Snap layouts can be customized on Windows 11 therefore, allowing many window layouts to be accessible with ease.

5)  Windows 11 has Microsoft Teams integrated directly into it – You read that right! Video conferencing has become an integral part of today’s professional life which is why Windows 11 has Microsoft Teams integrated directly into it.

 6)  All your games will have HDR Technology on Windows 11 – Windows 11 uses HDR technology to provide a wonderful gaming experience.

 7)  You can get multiple desktop backgrounds – Windows 11 enables you to have multiple desktop backgrounds thus improving the overall experience.

 8)  Transparency – With a taskbar with centered icons, the focus is on transparency.

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Top hidden features of Windows 11 that you should be aware of

Now that you know the reasons to get Windows 11, let us dive into the part where we mention the hidden features of Windows 11 that you should be aware of:

  • File Explorer Menu – Windows 11 File Explorer Menu has been redesigned and so has been the navigation system. The new design doesn’t mean that the old settings like File, Home, and Share, etc. have been removed. They have been rearranged under the three drop-down menus – sort and group, display pattern of the files/folders, and settings under the File menu.
  • Estimated Time for Updates – Updates normally take hours to complete. But with the new Windows 11, you will get to know the estimated time for updates. Go to Settings – Go to Windows update section – You will see the time a pending update will take on the power menu.
  • Settings recommended to you – Windows 11 will recommend settings if it is important. For example, if your power and battery settings say that your device will never sleep and the screen will never turn off, it means lesser battery life. Therefore, Windows allows you to change your settings accordingly.
  • New settings – Windows 11 will allow you to enable or disable your personal Wi-fi with a single click. Not only this, with Windows 11, you can now control sound based on the apps you use. Do you wish to access the “Volume-mixer” option? You can do it by performing the following steps: system – sound – Volume mixer
  • Taskbar that is a bit taller than Windows 10 – The taskbar in Windows 11 is approximately six pixels taller than that used in Windows 10.
  • New and improved backup option – To backup all your files, you can perform the following steps in Windows 11:- System – Storage – Advanced Storage Settings – Backup options.


Windows 11 must be installed for an improved experience and to optimally utilize the various features of Windows 11 including the hidden features as we have explained above.

 Upgrade to Windows 11 today!

 Now that you know the various reasons why you should go for Windows 11 and its hidden features, upgrade to the newest version of Windows i.e Windows 11 and stay on top of technological updates.


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