Top Skills to Learn Before Your 30s


  • When you reach your 30s, you transform into a mature adult who is both knowledgeable and experienced. All your 20s you work hard as a professional and learn a lot of skills. But, what are the top skills that you should already know before your 30s? Let’s explore the same in the current blog post.
  •  If you are a professional, who has already had a lot of years of professional experience, you should check if you know certain skills before your 30s.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the top skills that everyone should learn before their 30s. Let’s start then.

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List of the Top Skills to learn before you enter your 30s

Let’s dive right into the list then:

1) Mindful ListeningMindful Listening is one of the top skills to learn before your 30s. Mindful Listening is an art and it comes with experience. When you understand what the person in front of you is trying to tell you by analyzing the emotions in their words, the pauses they take, and the timing of their words, you have almost mastered the art of mindful listening. Why do we say “almost”? That’s because mindful listening also involves repeating back what they have said to ensure you understand the essence of their words.

2) Effective LeadershipLeadership is a skill that you must know before your 30s. Some leadership skills work better than others. You should adopt the one that best appeals to you. But the key to being an effective leader is knowing the characteristics of followers as well so that you can build a team that is the most efficient. You should have skills such as mindful listening, compassion, cognizance, precognition, and dedication to ensure everybody in your team grows.

3) Productive CommunicationProductive communication is also one of the top skills to learn before your 30s. You must be thinking, “It is something inherent in a person.” That’s not true. Your ability to communicate in a productive manner becomes stronger once you develop communication skills. What do we mean by “productive communication”? It means to convey your message in a straightforward manner without beating around the bush. How do you ensure that? Experts say, by taking well-planned pauses and straightening your thoughts before speaking, you can ensure people understand what you are trying to say. It is said that within a span of just 3 seconds, multiple thoughts pass through our minds.

4) Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence is one of the top skills to learn before your 30s but is also one of the most difficult ones. You should understand your emotions, people’s emotions and be empathetic towards the same. With a high emotional quotient, comes the ability to see things that’s underneath the surface. Emotional Intelligence helps us understand social situations, make difficult decisions, and enables us to achieve success. When you understand people’s emotions, you gain their trust and that leads to enhanced connections.

5) Best Email Practices Email is an important tool for businesses to communicate in this digital age. Therefore, it is important to write clear and to-the-point emails to effectively communicate with others. Effective communication, in turn, helps to keep projects running and increases productivity. Ensure you avoid making silly mistakes like replying all or writing rude emails that can hamper your reputation as well as that of your company. Therefore, writing well-thought-out emails is one of the top skills that you should master before you enter your 30s.

6) Owning UpOwning up to mistakes and responsibilities is something we tend to avoid in our 20s. But over the years, you will realize that that’s a very immature thing to do. Before you enter your 30s, you should learn the art of owning up to responsibilities and mistakes without making lame excuses or lying. Honesty is the first step to becoming successful.

7) Personal Finance – By your 30s, you should have full control over your personal finances so that you can move up the corporate ladder quickly as it reduces stress levels and increases efficiency.


These were some of the top skills that you should master before you enter your 30s. Once you ensure you gain these skills, you will live your life in a better and more efficient manner.

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