Top Google Free Certification Courses


  • You must be using Google to research for resources for your projects. But do you know you can use Google to get access to various certification courses as well? Yes, that’s true. You don’t need to worry about spending any money as the Google Certification courses are free. You just need to choose the one that best suits your goals and aspirations in life.
  •  If you are a student looking out for some free Google Certification Courses, you have landed on the right blog post.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the top Google free Certification Courses. Let’s start then.

Top Google Free Certification Courses

Let’s now dive right into the list. Here we go:

 1) Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – This is a basic course about Digital Marketing with accreditation from Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. Google provides this course under one of its initiatives called Digital Garage Initiative. This course has 26 important modules and also has many quizzes and exercises that are presented after each video lecture. You will need to pass an exam to be able to earn the certificate.

 Advantages of taking the course:

a)   Free course from a tech giant like Google.

b)   Free Google Certifications.

c)   Opportunity to learn a new skill.

d)   Useful course content

e)   Quizzes and Exercises to monitor performance and test skills.

 2) Google Analytics Academy Courses – These courses are also among the top Google free Certification Courses because they allow you to learn the functioning of Analytics as an important Digital Marketing and Analysis tool.

 Following are the major courses provided:

a)   Google Analytics suitable for Beginners

b)   Google Analytics suitable for Advanced Users

c)   Introduction to Data Studio

d)   Basics of Google Tag Manager

 3) Google Ads Certifications – This is also one of the top free Google Certification Courses. Google Ads or Pay per Click ads are used by businesses who want to grow with the help of Digital Advertisements. With the help of the Google Free Online Certification Course, you will be able to learn Ads management and optimizing skills. All you need to do is register on Google Skillshop and select Google Ads Certification Course.

 4) Google Android Development Training – Through Google Android Development Training, you will be able to learn Android Development skills that will in turn increase your chances of getting hired as an Android Developer. Google has divided the course material into two segments – one is suitable for beginners and the other segment is suitable for advanced Android developers. To get the certificate, you need to sit for the Google Associate Android Certification exam, which is a paid exam. If you are interested in gaining knowledge only, you can let go of the certificate.

 5) Google AI – This is also one of the best Google free Certification Courses which is meant for people to enhance their knowledge of AI and Machine Learning. With the help of courses, research papers, news, and other materials, you can learn about the advancements in AI and its functioning. Google also provides free data sets for you which you can use to prepare some wonderful AI models.

 6) Google Digital Garage – This is also one of the top Google free Certification courses as it contains over 100 free Google Courses. The courses are divided into the following segments – Data & Tech, Digital Marketing, and Career Development. You can also get your hands on other courses such as Machine Learning, AI, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Business among others. You can easily register with your Google Account and start upgrading your skills. The certification is available only for Digital Marketing.

 7) YouTube Management and Growth – This is the next name on our list of the top Google free Certification Courses. As you must be aware, YouTube is a great platform for content creators to post and share video content on a variety of topics. You can now learn the art of managing and growing YouTube channels with the help of the course material provided by Google and become a content creator. You can easily get admission into the course and get certified.

Following are the available courses:

a)   YouTube Asset Monetization

b)   YouTube Content Ownership

c)   YouTube Creative Essentials

d)   YouTube Channel Growth

e)   Music Certification


So, what are you waiting for? Decide on the skills that you want to learn and enroll into the free Google Certification Course that will help you learn the desired skills.

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