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  • If you want to be a pro in the Garena Free Fire Game, you need to have a strong strategy in place that will give you an edge over your rivals. With a staggering 500 million downloads on Google PlayStore, Free Fire has been extensively played by game fans all over the world especially, when we have all been locked down at home due to the global pandemic. Do you want to defeat your enemies like a pro? Don’t worry we have got the perfect blog post for you.
  •  If you are an online game fan, it’s high time you start playing Free Fire, and if you are already a Free Fire player, you should read on.
  •  In this post, we will be explaining what Free Fire is all about and the top Free Fire tips and tricks that will help you become a pro in 2021.

What is Free Fire all about?

Free Fire is one of the best online shooter games where you fight against 49 other players on an island in a 10-minute game and it is based on the concept of “survival of the fittest”. You can select your starting point with the help of your parachute but remember you need to stay in the safe zone no matter what. You can explore the vast map by driving or hide from your enemies or even go invisible. The main aim is to survive and respond to the call of duty by searching for weapons, looting your enemies, avoiding airstrikes, and utilizing airdrops.

What are the top Free Fire tricks and tips that will help you become a pro in 2021?

Let us now dive into the most interesting section of the top tricks and tips to become a pro:

1)    Avoid looting in the open – What will happen if you loot in the open? Well, your enemies can easily defeat you while you are engrossed in looting crates in the open. So what should you do? Toggle the analogue left and right while you are shooting so that your enemies can’t take headshots at you.

2)    Be a pro at claw controls – Claw controls will help you be a pro in the game and is recommended by many. Which is the best layout to use? We say it is the thumb as Free Fire is not complicated to use as far as in-game mechanisms are concerned. It is quite easy to adjust to controls on Free Fire, unlike PUBG.

 3)    Use the default “Aim Precision” Feature – Are you still learning to be a pro at aiming? If yes, we recommend using the default “Aim precision” Feature on Free Fire either with the scope or without it. To understand what the feature is all about think of the “Aim Assist” Feature of PUBG as both of them are similar. How will aim precision help you? It will help you in landing more headshots and the crosshair will automatically be directed towards your target. What are the steps of an auto headshot? They are crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch, and fire. Simple? Isn’t it?

 4)    Adjust Sensitivity Settings – The Sensitivity Settings on Free Fire determine the reaction time. Therefore, it is extremely important. Use the sensitivity settings that best suit you and avoid copying others. How to adjust your sensitivity settings? You should adjust sensitivity settings according to the device that you use. If your device has 2 GB of RAM, tune in to the maximum sensitivity. If it is more, you can use the default sensitivity settings.

General: 100

Red Dot: 30

2x Scope: 52

4x Scope: 66

AWM Scope: 82

 5)    Don’t needlessly jump-shoot – If you jump-shoot needlessly, you can fall into trouble on Free Fire. Do you want to jump-shoot like a pro? If yes, your jump needs to be well-thought and well-planned. How would you jump-shoot like a genius? Practice jump-shoot in custom rooms before going for it in ranked mode.

 6)    Go for fights in the shrink zone – There’s no point in being afraid of going for fights in the shrink zone as you should go for fights when you have an advantage.

 7)    Use a sniper to improve your aim – Up-close shooting can be risky for your teammates. Therefore, using a sniper to shoot your enemy who is not near to you, is recommended. It is best to practice playing solo every day, using the best sniper attachments to be a winner.


The above tips and tricks will definitely help you be a master at Free Fire and make you invincible. So, start using these tricks today as there’s no point in delaying. Also, with the correct strategy in place, your enemies will go, “Oh No! So Strong?!”

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