Top Dangerous Hacker Groups in the World


  • The cyber-world is filled with cybercriminals who bank on the loopholes of the computer systems of major companies. Sometimes hacking is a solo activity with individuals hacking systems. At other times, hacking is more organized and is carried out by hacker groups. In both cases, hacking results in disruption of operations and exposure of data related to thousands of individuals. Hacker groups take advantage of the limitations of your cybersecurity and are detrimental to the growth of your company.
  •  If you belong to a company with an online presence, you need to be careful about hacking and hacking groups that are roaming all around the cyber world. In this regard, the current blog post will help you increase your knowledge of hacking groups.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the top dangerous hacker groups in the world.

List of the most dangerous hacker groups in the world

Let us dive right into the list:

1)    Anonymous – Anonymous is one of the top dangerous hackers in the world and came to be known to the public during the protests related to occupying Wall Street in 2011. They are an international network that attacks any organization that is involved in morally corrupt activities or activities harmful to human beings. There is no particular leader of this hacking group as Anonymous calls itself as a “decentralized” group that runs on “ideas”. The most infamous attacks of Anonymous include the cyber-attack on WTO, the attack on the website of ISIS, and the cyber-attack on the website of Donald Trump.

 2)    Lulzsec – Lulzsec, the next name on our list of the top dangerous hackers in the world, is a hacker group that claims to be the provider of “high-quality entertainment” at the expense of the companies. Their name is the short form of Lulz Security and is a combination of the words, “laughter” and “cyber security”. In other words, if your company builds a cybersecurity network, Lulzsec laughs at your endeavor. Formerly known as the rivals of Anonymous, Lulzsec now has allied with Anonymous. Among their hacking activities, mention must be made of Lulzsec’s cyber-attacks on CIA,, and Sony Pictures.

 3)    GlobalHellGlobalHell is also one of the most notorious hacker groups and it is one of the first hacking groups too which is supposed to have disbanded in 1999. Why are they so notorious? They are notorious for website breaches and disfiguration. GlobalHell’s founder takes pride in having resulted in damage amounting to $2.5 million by carrying out thefts of private and financial data. They have also invaded the systems of the White House, the United States Army, Ameritech, and the U.S Postal Service. These big names have given small businesses sleepless nights as nobody is safe from GlobalHell’s attacks.

 4)    Lizard SquadLizard Squad comprises a group of youngsters and teenagers and is a black hat hacking group. They mostly target gaming organizations and websites. Do you want to know about their targets? They include the League of Legends game, PlayStation and Xbox, Malaysian Airlines, and social media platform Facebook. Facebook has however maintained that there has been no such attack. The group is said to have broken up in 2014. However, due to their centralized location, they have been subjected to many arrests like the one that took place when they attacked PlayStation and Xbox. Even then, Lizard Squad is one of the top dangerous hackers in the world.

 5)    Fancy BearFancy Bear is a hacking group from Russia and is said to be working for the Russian Government. Why are they one of the most dangerous hacking groups in the world? Their cyber-attacks involve foreign governments, media houses, defense organizations, and foreign embassies. Their motto is simple – If you are a threat to Russia’s influence, you are on the hit list of Fancy Bear. Elections are said to be their common targets and they targeted the Democratic National Convention that was conducted before the 2016 U.S elections, the German Parliament, and the French elections in 2017. What is their common weapon of destruction? Phishing using email and taking advantage of zero-day vulnerabilities.


No business is safe from hacking attacks by hacking groups. The hackers of the hacking world don’t spare anyone. However, you can save your business from cyber-attacks and maintain cybersecurity by changing passwords to your business accounts from time to time, upgrade software, make use of multi-factor verification, make use of a password management tool, and make use of an anti-phishing toolbar.

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