• One of the most popular programming languages is also one of the top career choices. Yes, we are talking about Python. It is such an in-demand programming language that even big companies like Instagram, Netflix, Google, and Spotify are using it. You may be thinking that Python is the best skill to learn for Python Developers only. That’s not true, the popularity of Python has made it an important skill in every field. You will be surprised to know that there are some doctors who have Python skills.
  •  If you are a fresher in the field of Python, you will find this blog post extremely useful and therefore, we request you to read it till the end.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the top careers best suitable for Python Programmers.

Top careers for python programmers

Here’s the list of the top/best career options for Python Programmers:

 1)    Python developer – A Python Developer job is the most common career that most Python Programmers choose. As a Python Developer, you can create websites, ensure data algorithms are optimized, solve problems related to data analytics, implement data protection and security software, create codes that can be easily tested and reused. If you are interested in applying for Python Developer jobs, polish your Python skills and apply for various companies through job consulting firms like Randstad and be ready for a bright future. The median salary for Python Developers is 4, 00,000 INR per year.

 2) Data Analyst – A Data Analyst job is also one of the top careers for Python Programmers. As a Data Analyst, you can manage data structures, create your own data analysis algorithms and even integrate the same with business intelligence tools. You can also be given the responsibility of reporting the data analysis results to the organization’s members. If you love working with data sets, a Data Analyst job will be the best for you as you can find patterns and trends in data sets. You will also be tasked with the responsibility of finding out fresh data analysis processes. The base salary for Data Analyst jobs is slightly higher than that for a Python Developer job as it stands at 4,98,000 INR per year.

 3) Data scientist – Data Scientist is the next career on our list of the top careers for Python Programmers. As a Data Scientist, you will be working on understanding the goals of the business and find out ways to achieve those goals using data. The various libraries of Python will help you in developing data modeling processes. With the help of these libraries, you will also get a chance to work with Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The base salary for Data Scientist is 8, 50,000 INR per year, thus making it a lucrative career option.

 4) Quality assurance engineer – If your Python skills are top-notch, a career as a Quality Assurance Engineer will be perfect for you. Python skills will be very helpful to you if you are a Quality Assurance Engineer as your main job will be testing software and Python is one of the best programming languages for testing software. You will be able to use your Python skills to develop and implement automation scripts. Your other job responsibilities will include software bug tracking and monitoring of debugging results. You will also have to stay up-to-date with testing methodologies. 4, 80,000 INR is the base salary for a Quality Assurance Engineer job.

5)    Machine learning engineer – A machine learning engineer career is also one of the top/ best careers for Python Programmers as there has been a rise of more than 330% in the job postings for this career in the last few years. Programmers with Python skills are given more preference for this job. As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will use your knowledge to build machines and computer-based systems to make predictions. Why will you be given preference if you have Python skills? That’s because Python’s ability to work with algorithms and data automation will come in handy as far as machine learning is concerned. To be a Machine Learning Engineer, you need to have an advanced degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Math, or any other related field. You need to have impressive data architecture skills, knowledge of Hadoop, strong written and verbal communication skills. The base salary for a Machine Learning Engineer job Is 7, 00,000 INR per year.


If any of the above career options interests you, keep in mind that you need to gain additional skills and upgrade your skills by learning new libraries in Python and practicing coding to have an edge over the others. You also have to participate in webinars and be known in the programming community to be the best in your field. Remember, you need to stay ahead in the race and emerge as a winner.

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