Top Alternatives to TikTok


  • Are you a talented singer or a dancer? Do you like showcasing your talent using short videos? Yes? Then, you must have heard of TikTok, or maybe, you are already a Tik Tok user. If you know what TikTok is about, you must be aware of its features too like sounds, beauty filters, etc. TikTok is a popular platform with its user base growing day by day. But, do you also want to explore other alternatives to TikTok along with their features, given the fact that many countries have imposed a ban on TikTok due to a breach of their respective policies?
  •  If you are looking for alternatives to TikTok, you have landed on the right blog post.
  •  In this post, we will be talking about the top alternatives to TikTok and their amazing features.

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What are the Top Alternatives to TikTok?

This section is dedicated to the curious in you, waiting to learn about the best alternatives to TikTok. Here we begin:

 1) LikeeLikee is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to TikTok as it has become extremely popular in a short span of time. It was earlier known by the name of Like Video. Likee became popular owing to the ban imposed on TikTok by a few countries. Do you know it has a free video editor? Yes, that’s right. You can use the same to create videos and you can also use stickers, filters, and special effects to make your videos more interesting. You can even meet new people and get in touch with talented and popular artists all around the world. Do you want to be famous too? You can be famous too by creating short and creative videos using music magic filters, emoticons, and many more.


2)    Vigo VideoVigo Video features on our list of the top alternatives to TikTok because just like Likee, this app has also become hugely popular in a few years and the number of active downloads is as high as 100,000,000+ on a global level. You can create interesting videos of 15 seconds each using a video editor which is free to use. Sounds fun? We have more features about Vigo to tell you. If you want to add zing to your videos, use cool stickers and special effects and keep your fans engaged. Do you like using beauty filters? Yes? Look no further as Vigo Video allows you to use beauty filters to make you look more appealing. You can introduce yourselves to new people, share your videos with them and if they are video creators like you, you can even team up with them to entertain your fans and grow your fan following.

Vigo Video

 3)    KwaiKwai is also a popular video-sharing platform similar to TikTok with over 60 million fans. You can edit videos for free using 3D Kmojis and stickers and even share your short videos on platforms other than Kwai, like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It also allows you to lip-sync, dub, trim, cut, and merge. Do you like adding filters to your videos? You can add more than one filter in a single clip on Kwai.


 4)    Dubsmash – Do you know what makes Dubsmash different from others? The ability to create lip-sync music or dance videos by using sounds, dialogues, and quotes from your favorite songs, TV shows, or flicks. You can challenge other dancers or singers and share the same to have your video feature among the top trending videos on Dubsmash. Sharing videos with friends will help you have a huge following and you can share on other social media platforms too. You don’t need TikTok when you have Dubsmash to follow your favorite artists and to get new followers.


 5) FunimateFunimate also features on our list of the top alternatives to TikTok because you can make videos with a free video editor and use more than 100 cool video effects. Funimate allows you to make videos more “fun” by adding cool music, emoticons, stickers, and even texts. Do you like watching slow-motion videos? You can make them too on Funimate. Team up with your friends, make videos, and share them with others to grow your fan base. There’s no point in being creative if you cannot share your creativity with others and with Funimate, you can easily showcase your talent and creativity to let the whole world know about the same.


Which of the above TikTok alternatives will you be going for?

Call us inquisitive but we are extremely interested to know which of the above alternatives to TikTok you are the most likely to use. Is it Funimate or Dubsmash? Ok, don’t tell us. But, at least try any one of the above. You never know you may become the next big thing in the creative world!

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