Top 5 Hidden Apps on PlayStore


  • A smartphone is like a magical key that gives you access to anything that you look for. It does that by allowing you to download a host of interesting apps on the Google Play Store. No doubt, there are some hugely popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Gmail that are available on the Play Store and that have been downloaded on millions of smartphones around the world. But what if there exist some amazing apps on the Google Play Store that you are not aware of or are hidden from you? Aren’t you missing out on some cool stuff?
  •  If you love exploring apps and swear by the features of interesting lesser-known apps, this blog post is definitely for you.
  •  In this blog post, without mincing words, we will be disclosing the names of the top hidden apps on the Play Store along with their wonderful features.

List of the top hidden apps on the Google Play Store along with their features

Here’s the list of the top unknown apps that are available on the Google Play Store along with their features:

 1) Stellarium Mobile – Star Map – Are you interested in astronomy? If the answer is yes, look no further and download this amazing app for free on Google Play Store. Why? Well, you will be able to increase your knowledge of stars, constellations, and planets by viewing them in the night sky. You can even use the GPS feature to find the directions of stars. All you need to do is move your phone in various directions.

Stellarium Mobile – Star Map

2)    Adobe Spark PostAdobe Spark Post is another top hidden app on the Google Play Store which allows you to create interesting photos by allowing you to use a host of design templates. It also offers a number of customizable options such as photo filters, size adjuster, color adjuster, and layouts. You can use in-app photos that are free to use as there is a vast collection of the same. After creating a photo, you can share the same on various social media platforms or send it as an email attachment or even as a text. You can download it for free on Google Play Store.

Adobe Spark Post

 3)    DreamLab DreamLab must be mentioned as one of the top hidden apps on the Google Play Store because it helps global experts in their search for a cure for the lethal disease, cancer. Your phone can participate in the research as DreamLab makes use of your phone’s processing power (while your smartphone is being charged), to come up with calculations that are important for cancer research. After the app is done with the calculations, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research uses the data to conduct research on a cure for cancer. Help them in the noble cause of finding a cure for cancer by simply downloading the app on the Google Play Store for free.


 4)    Spotted by Locals – If the travel bug has bitten you, the Spotted by Locals app is what you need as it is a travel app where you will find recommendations on the places you should visit when you have reached your destination. What is unique in this? It allows you to explore places like a local as it takes inputs from locals about the places that you should visit. You can have access to the travel guides even when you are offline which is why the Spotted by Locals app features on our list of the best-hidden apps on the Google Play Store. The app can be used for free. However, there is a catch. The travel guides can be accessed only when you buy the same.

Spotted by Locals

 5) PicsArt AnimatorPicsArt Animator is an app that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for free and is for the creative in you. You can create short and crisp videos, GIFS, and animations on your smartphone with the help of PicsArt Animator and you can even share them with your friends. Do you know you can use frame-by-frame animations, drawing and sketching, and editing tools on the PicsArt Animator app? Yes, that’s right and there’s more. You can even record voiceovers to give your videos an interesting touch. Such amazing features definitely make the app one of the best/top hidden apps on Google PlayStore. However, we think there should be tutorials explaining the app’s features and the user interface should be made simpler.

PicsArt Animator

Download the above apps and share them with your friends!

The above apps are so cool that everyone needs to use them so that the apps feature on the list of the most popular apps. We recommend you to use the above apps and let us know what you think about the same. Also, it is advisable to go through the reviews from real users and make a decision on download.

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