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Our Todays Topic is colocation hosting services. A colocation is a data center facility in which a company can rent servers along with much other computing hardware. 

Companies prefer to keep all of their servers in private and secured data centers instead of keeping them in-house.

How does it work?

The whole process is that colocation is quite simple. The colocation hosting service providers rent out space in a data center. the companies can install all of the equipment by providing the bandwidth, power, cooling systems, and IP address. That the service is receiving companies would require to deploy their servers successfully.

The space in the data centers is rent out in the form of ‘racks,’ and ‘cabinets’,. The equipment put on ‘racks’ is measuring in rack units and a full-sized rack is called a cabinet. 

Talking about the literal space on the data center, one rack unit = 1.75 inches. The price is calculate on the number of racks that a company avails.

Hence depending on the budget, the service receiving company can choose the number of ‘racks’ that they would like to rent.

What are the advantages of colocation?

The colocation hosting services have multiple advantages due to which companies are availing the services on a large scale. 

So before we proceeding to know about the top 5 colocation hosting services providers, let us explore the primary advantage that you will get on choosing this service over storing your equipment in the house.

Colocation Hosting Services

  • The colocation data centers have fully redundant connectivity to their network, and hence, you can be sure that your requirements would be met and the business would run smoothly without any interruptions.
  • This is an excellent advantage as you would get all-around support from the data centers at any point in time and fulfill your equipment requirements.
  • The network security of the data centers is quite reliable and top-notch with firewalls and other advanced anti-hacking systems to detect as well prevent all types of unauthorized access to the equipment of the customers.
  • One of the most significant advantages of moving your data and hardware to colocation server hosting is that the companies can have 24/7 access to their equipment. This gives them the flexibility to work without worrying about the availability time of servers or hardware.
  • Availing of the services, you would get a much higher bandwidth at a comparatively lower cost.
  • The colocation services have better support in case of an outage than that for your own data center. You might find it challenging to tackle the downtime during the long hours of power loss, but the colocation centers are equipped with generators and other power backup plans that can help to recover from the outage within a very less period.
  • Do not need to rely on the service providers to change or upgrade your equipment. You have full control of your computer and hence would be required not to depend on your service providers.
  • Do not need to worry about the conditions your server or your hardware and kept in. The colocation data centers have the perfect room temperature to keep it all in good condition.

What are the cons of using it?

No doubt there are various advantages that colocation services are equipped with. However, there are certain disadvantages which you should also consider before availing of the services. Some of them have been listed below:

  • The start-up cost of availing the colocation services is more compared to renting servers from the respective hosting companies. It is much costly compared to the prices of basic hosting.
  • It is quite challenging to find out the perfect colocation provider in terms of price, service as well as proximity.
  • The investment would increase as you would not only have to buy your equipment but would also have to upgrade them on your own.
  • The monthly rent might depend on the bandwidth, and as it fluctuates, the lease would also vary with the same.
  • You might get some restrictions in terms of both resources and time when it comes to maintenance. You would also have to perform the maintenance actions on the location of the data center.
  • Do You would need to allocate a technologically sound and savvy person to maintain your servers in the center.

All in all, it can be said that, if you have resources, then availing for the colocation service providers would prove to be beneficial for you and your business. 

If you can find the right data center in proximity and have all the required resources available, then colocation would be an excellent choice for your business.

Do you need colocation services for your business?

The answer to this question lies in the advantages and disadvantages of your business. You would need to understand your needs and resources before you finally think of opting for colocation server hosting

To get a clear idea about whether you need colocation for your business or not, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Space- You might not have enough space to accommodate all of your equipment in-house, or you need better functioning of the servers then opting for the data center is a great idea. You can put some of the servers to the data centers keeping the others in-house.
  • Cost- Once you understand your space needs, it is time now to determine your value. It would help if you researched for the most competitive prices in exchange for fulfilling all of your storage requirements so that your equipment can give their excellent service.
  • Security- The data centers have all the essential information, and hence, they must have a sound security system available 24/7 so that there is no data theft or unauthorized intervention.
  • Management- The colocation center should be appropriately manage so that if any problem occurs, then, they can address it immediately. They should also be able to manage solutions so that little problem can be taken care of. Even the disaster management system of the colocation center should be top-notch so that in case of such events, the date or the equipment is not hampering.

What the things to look out for before choosing your colocation hosting services providers?

  • To make the correct choice of the service providers, there are few things that you must keep in mind before finalizing the data center:
  • The data center should be equipment with all-around facilities to support the current as well as future technologies. Many data centers are lagging as they do not offer the equivalent power densities that can help all future technologies.
  • You should include contractual and SLA items in your search criteria, which are critical for your business. This is require to protecting the requirements of your activities.
  • The carriers are neutral for colocation facilities. The companies would get various options about network carriers that can help with the connectivity facilities. With so many network carrier options, the companies get competitive prices that not only reduce the cost but also give the ability of vendor network design to be incorporat.
  • More prominent centers always do not mean better. The centers need to do efficient allocation so that more and more equipment can be installed in a smaller amount of space.
  • The companies would need to find out the right location of the primary as well as the replica data center. They should think twice and choose wisely the location of the data centers, wherein it is a good idea to select the primary one to be located at proximity, and the replicated one might be located far away, safe from different disaster situations.

Second phase of choosing you Colocation Hosting Services

  • It is essential to give a close to the physical security of the data centers. The companies should be aware of the security strength both inside and outside. The center, and they should also ask the centers if they can provide some added cameras inside the room for added security measures.
  • Disasters an inevitable and hence, the companies should be aware of the measuring take by the data centers to have a robust disaster recovery plan. The vendor will not only technical equipment to resolve such situations. hould also have the relevant capabilities to design an effective strategy.
  • The data centers should stick to their compliance and work properly complying with all the rules and regulations. The companies should be able to identify the false claims and check. If the vendors do support 3rd party audits with any additional cost for the same.
  • The data centers should provide some managed services. The companies would not have to deploy their people every time something happens in the center. Save the business time, and the companies can focus on other aspects of the business without worrying about server maintenance daily.
  • The companies should always choose a provider who can entertain the expansion of power as well as function. The companies might want to expand their business in the future. Hence they might want to add up different equipment to the center. Thus it becomes essential for the colocation service providers to have the scope of growth.
colocation hosting services

The top colocation hosting services providers

Now that we have a basic understanding of colocation hosting services and how they can affect your business, let us find out the top service providers so that you can find the best one for yourself. 

The providers listed here have excelled in their field in terms of different aspects, the services, provided by them, and keeping in mind the features listed above. 

Now let us take a look at the list:-

  • Equinix- Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif this is one of the biggest data centers in the world. The annual revenue of the company is around $3.6 billion. it serves in 21 countries with its 150+ data centers. Some of the biggest and well-known companies like Amazon web services,, Netflix, Bloomberg, etc.
  • China Telecom- Headquartered in Beijing, China, this data center has a market share of around 3.3 percent. The services provided by them would include Wholesale and retail colocation hosting. The annual revenue of the company is about $352 billion. It primarily serves China along with some overseas services with their 400+ data centers. The Chinese Government owns the company is the country’s largest colocation hosting services provider.
  • Digital Realty Trust- With a market share of 5.7 percent, this data center has its headquarters in San Francisco. The services offered by this company would include wholesale and retail colocation and have annual revenue of $2.1 billion. They primarily serve the North American, European, South Asian, and Australian markets with around 156 centers. The bulk operations of this company occur in the States. However, it is spreading across the four continents.
  • Verizon- Verizon has its headquarters in New York City, and it excels in colocation hosting. The annual revenue of the company is around $125.98 billion, with a market share of 1.9 percent. They primarily serve in Northern and Sothern America with their 29 data centers. However, it’s reporting the company will soon sell out its colocation business to Equinix and the hosting industry to IBM.
  • CyrusOne- With a market share of 1.7 percent, the company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The services offered by them are wholesale and retail colocation, which generates annual revenue of $529.1 million. They primarily serve the US, UK, and Singapore markets with around 35 data centers. The company focuses only on the colocation business. It has select by Fortune 20 and Fortune 100 due to the excellent services offered by them.



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