Top 10 dedicated server hosting

Introduction of Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting

Top 10 Dedicated Server hosting should be dedicated in the true sense by providing a dedicated server along with a dedicated IP.

it’s a modern time now where hosting providers should give an out of box service not only in the terms of technicality but also in different verticals.

Modern technology has altogether changed the definition of dedicated server hosting in India. Gone are the days when 500GB of memory space was considered the highest memory in terms of disk space. but today it’s pretty normal.

Customer service has become the deciding factor for a hosting service provider to make or Break his online business and brand both and dedicated server hosting in India is no different.

Whatever hosting service provider you choose to take a dedicated server from there are certain important aspects to consider. For example, speed and after-sales support services.

Keeping these things in mind in this article you will Come across the top 10 dedicated servers hosting in India.

The service provided by these companies will be rated on different verticals adhering to the modern technology of dedicated server hosting.

Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Service Providers in India

So let’s get started with the list of dedicated server hosting service providers in India. The matrix on which the list is based is not the core technology that these companies have integrated but it is the customer support services these companies provide after-sales.

Liquid Web

Liquidweb offers an all-time high uptime of 99.99 percentage with a speed of 658 MS. We can say the liquid web is the best-dedicated server hosting for gaming.The average response time of the liquid web is less than a minute.


It is a reliable brand that never fails to deliver. It is one of the hosting service industry’s oldest players.

The most important feature Bluehost offers is solid uptime and lightning speed. The best part is the lowest pricing policy. Now, what else do you need?

HostGator Server Hosting

With 1TB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth, Hostgator tops the list. 

Not only this but Hostgator has integrated some of the fast multiprocessors. Moreover, it is cheap also hands you can go with any plan.

A2 Hosting

What A2 offers is more than sufficient for any user. With 1TB of space and a bandwidth capacity of 10 TB A2 hosting makes you feel happy.

Moreover, the server speed of A2 hosting is comparatively faster than and its competitors.


Siteground is the premium player in this list the after-sales service offered by siteground is unmatched. unlike others, siteground offers caching which increases the speed of the site.

dedicated server hosting price of side ground is affordable. However, if you are planning to launch a gaming website siteground is ideal for you. 

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting

Godaddy is a professional company. The dedicated server hosting plans that Godaddy offers start from $ 169.99 monthly.

The best part about purchasing a dedicated hosting from Godaddy is if you run out of the first plan there will be no additional cost to renew the same, Isn’t it great?


IONOS is relatively a new player in dedicated server hosting compared to some big names like siteground in Godaddy.

Even though being the new player they offer an uptime of 99.98%. not only this but they also offer the fastest site speed of 530 MS. It is ideal for dedicated server hosting for gaming.


HostWinds is New in our list of top 10 dedicated server hosting providers. Although it is new it provides a pool of excellent features.

Moreover, the pricing is also very low making it more considerable for experienced and fresh users. The dedicated server hosting price of HostWinds is fair enough to start with.


The after-sales service offered by AccuHosting is unmatched just like its peers. One can rest assured that he/she will get top-notch customer support via phone, chat, email, and social media platforms.

The beauty of this hosting service provider is they understand the need of the user and then devise a solution for them.

InMotion Hosting

If you are looking for free SSD, fast speed, and good uptime then InMotion hosting is for you. Their uptime measured is 99.99% which ensures the highest network speed. Not only this but they reduce the system reboots and maintenance too.

With this list of dedicated hosting providers, one can easily go with hosting an e-commerce site like Amazon or buy dedicated server hosting for gaming web-like Miniclip.

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