This site lets you play any Doom WAD file just like that

One of classic Computer meta-games is without question, “can it run?” I have got some decent kit nowadays in the mid-2000s each of my Computer video gaming had been done for a crappy laptop computer with built-in photos, and I also either played ’90s classics or, once in awhile, would decide to try one thing modern watching the indegent thing sputter through some 5FPS slideshow. Hell this thing could scarcely run Quake, but optimism sprang eternal.

which is the reason why we retain a type of childish amazement at seeing the technical behemoths of yesteryear efficiently recreated on modern technology: a recently available favourite had been Doom for a refrigerator. But there is Doom on every thing now, heck it is in the kids’ Hallowe’en candy, and thus now we are getting meta having a internet site which has a title right out from the ’90s: WAD Commander.

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