I really like an excellent pacifist run in a sport. Normally no-kill runs occur in an RPG or immersive sim with a stealth system, crouch strolling round and bopping guys over the top. It takes a real connoisseur although, like YouTuber ThatFriendlyGuy (opens in new tab), to pursue the trail of peace in Trendy Warfare 2’s multiplayer, a staff shooter all about taking human life with tacticool weapons. Due to Eurogamer (opens in new tab) for the spot.

That is ThatFriendlyGuy’s speciality although⁠—the content material creator boasts of 710 hours logged on Escape From Tarkov with out a single kill on the board, in addition to a pacifist run of Resident Evil Village the place solely the bosses have been harmed. He is turned Paul Denton scolding you to not kill NSF guys into an entire way of life and social media model.

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