This machete-wielding plant belongs in Aperture Labs

The planet’s many dangerous plant is considered the Dendrocnide moroides, also called the “stinging tree.” One touch with this Australian plant causes one to suffer months of agonizing discomfort. Seems bad, right? But imagine if we said there clearly was a plant available a lot more dangerous, with the capacity of moving around a machete such as for instance a theif in Far Cry or that way dog in Metal Gear (starts in brand new tab)? Well, it is real, and it’s really art—i am hoping. 

we first discovered associated with presence of the armed flora because of Twitter individual canneo2103145 (starts in brand new tab), whom shared this terrifying little bit of Aperture Labs-esque art in a few tweets. The installation is named ‘plant machete (starts in brand new tab)‘ and was made by David Bowen, an musician whoever work usually fuses nature and technical systems making use of robotics and customized pc software. 

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