For beacons supposed to defend against tragedy, lighthouses in fiction typically are not places you wish to become. Whether we are speaking about films like 2019is the Lighthouse or 2018’s Annihilation, the entry to your nightmarish town of Rapture in BioShock, and/or spot you are ambushed by gunships in Half-Life 2, bad material has a tendency to drop once you check out a rock tower having a bright, hopeful light towards the top.

The lighthouse in base-building success administration game Diluvian Winds is not any various. Yes, it appears cozy and it’s really filled up with adorable anthropomorphic pets like beavers, bears, otters, and mice, but it is nevertheless in constant peril. Once the lighthouse keeper (you’re another walrus) you’ll want to handle a tiny team of animal inhabitants, placing them to function procuring meals, collecting resources, building structures, and making repairs. 

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