This huge '70s tank simulator is the last of its kind, and it runs off a Raspberry Pi

We simply take simulators for issued nowadays. When I compose this, i’m a maximum of two presses far from a careful relaxation of trucking, journey, powerwashing, Computer building, and a whole lot. But that has beenn’t constantly the way it is. In your day, in the event that you desired a risk-free method to experience one thing, you’d to create a massive and expensive contraption to imitate it, like 1970s tank simulator at Military Museum completely, Switzerland.

The simulator may be the final of its sort on the planet, and Tom Scott, whom i believe of as being a sort of technology elf that lives within the YouTube algorithm, got an opportunity to give it a shot. Utilizing the thing can be an involved procedure: you will need to equip a neck mic plus headset, then reduced your self as a giant steel container, of which point you come face-to-face by having a load of tires and whirligigs that represent the innards of the tank.

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