Before you begin scanning this article, go right ahead and push use Linus Åkesson’s Youtube video clip (starts in brand new tab) I embedded above. The madman whom took a Commodore 64 and switched it in to a Theremin (starts in brand new tab) has been doing it once again, but now it is dual the C64 to create a phenomenal chip tuned accordion. Basically had not currently lost my head over this guy’s final creation, it will be being positively blown to smithereens by this brand new wonder.

As reported by Fudzilla (starts in brand new tab), this keyboard accordion does more than simply play some really cool music, in addition has a number of alterations which make it a remarkable drum. According to an ordinary accordion, the remaining part performs melodies although the right provides chords. But Åkesson has added a couple of additional features that are presented on their website (starts in brand new tab).

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