Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Brings Nearly 400 Classic Final Fantasy Songs This February

Square Enix has established Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, another entry within the last Fantasy rhythm show. This very first gaming console entry within the show includes modernized visuals the backgrounds and almost 400 tracks contained in the base game.

The sound recording includes favorites like “One Winged Angel,” “Torn from Heavens,” “Suteki Da Ne,” and plenty more. With 385 tracks contained in the base game, Square Enix knows it may be hard to evaluate all of them, therefore it included ways to sort by game. The overall game may be enjoyed by two players in your area or four players on line.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line involves PlayStation 4 and activate February 16. Square Enix additionally announced that players can enjoy compensated DLC from Saga, Nier, Octopath Traveler, and real time A real time show for total of 90 extra tracks. Gleam period Pass that may include 27 additional tracks.

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