After losing some clout as a result of Cyberpunk 2077’s shaky launch and diminished post-release plans, CD Projekt Red is time for the Continent and its own much-beloved Witcher show. Multiple games take the cards (starts in brand new tab), in reality, therefore the very first one, which we are calling Witcher 4 (starts in brand new tab) but has yet become formally called, has already been in pre-production. It is nevertheless a secret at this time, although we are able to most likely expect more monster-slaying antics, i am keeping down expect one thing somewhat various. I’d like a bard RPG. 

D&D offered united states the framework for bardic heroes and their activities, but outside the tabletop game and its own videogame adaptations there were tragically couple of games that allow you to turn into a dream pop music idol, and also less that try to capture just what it may be prefer to be considered a travelling minstrel, after adventurers around as they pummelled dragons and save your self miserable villages. 

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

For me personally, the largest appeal may be the chance to play an RPG in which i am perhaps not some super-powered heroic archetype, but instead anyone after them around and simply attempting to endure while stringing my lute. I do want to utilize stealth, cunning plus brilliant repertoire of popular tunes as opposed to natural power. Actually, I would like to have fun with the types of character whom you’d be prepared to be an NPC—which is often my primary impetus for agreeing to DM a campaign. 

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