The next Silent Hill movie will be based on Silent Hill 2

As well as announcing a remake of Silent Hill 2 being manufactured by Bloober Team, a brand new game called Silent Hill Townfall from No Code and Annapurna Interactive, another brand new game called Silent Hill F, plus long lasting interactive real time occasion Silent Hill Ascension happens to be, Konami unveiled your future 3rd Silent Hill film will adjust the tale regarding the 2nd videogame.

Christophe Gans, whom directed the initial, somewhat popular film into the show, is going to be back once again to direct go back to Silent Hill. “We went back once again to the very best of these tales,” Gans stated in the current statement. “i am talking about Silent Hill 2. the movie could be the tale of the young man finding its way back to Silent Hill, in which he’s understood a good love, and exactly what he could be likely to find is really a pure nightmare.”

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