The Exorcist by way of the Commodore 64 just dropped on Steam

“the things I have always been going to do is not authorized by the Vatican.” Therefore utters Faith: The Unholy Trinity (starts in brand new tab)‘s protagonist on their lineage in to the supernatural. Manufactured by Airdorf Games and posted by boomer shooter kid band brand new Blood, Faith: The Unholy Trinity can be an 8-bit horror game in which you perform a priest investigating a Satanic control.

Faith posseses an instantly arresting art design, with pictures similar to Computer games from 1980s⁠—we instantly think about Castle Wolfenstein (starts in brand new tab) by Muse computer software, released in 1981 (are you able to genuinely believe that id’s seminal FPS ended up being in fact a reboot?). Every thing’s presented for a black colored back ground, with figures and details represented in easy, main color sprites.

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