The Centennial Case Review - An Unconventional And Alluring Mystery

let’s say there is a method to stop growing older and just family knew the key? What lengths can you head to protect it? And also at just what expense? The Centennial Case is not your typical murder-mystery adventure game. It fades of its option to differ, whether it is swapping one to different murders during the period of a century or utilizing live-action footage to get you to feel just like you are playing a film. The latter evokes a nostalgic sense of the FMV games of yore, however the higher level technology and hefty give attention to deduction create an event that’s similarly gripping and engaging, regardless if it willn’t constantly hit the mark.

The Centennial Case is really a narrative-focused adventure centering regarding Shijima family members, that attached to a sequence of dubious murders throughout the last century. In addition they hold an original product that guarantees eternal youth. Could it be genuine or perhaps a misconception? As protagonist and secret novelist Haruka Kagami, you have to find the truth, linking different occasions and murders to discover your family’s long-kept secrets.

The most The Centennial Case plays away in live-action scenes. You view these a lot more than you connect to any game play mechanics, however the tale is really engrossing it holds your attention. The high point regarding the experience can be your part as detective and exactly how you are constantly wondering exactly how these pieces fit together into the greater scheme of things. Learning a fresh clue constantly provided me with one thing to ponder, and I also relished developing my theories centered on people’s responses or conflicting information. Every instance has numerous levels; not just have you been trying to puzzle out to blame and occasions behind each murder, but you’re constantly finding a action nearer to seeing exactly how every death is linked assuming your family in fact is able to stop the aging process.

I enjoyed your instances are emerge various schedules, once the tale frequently jumps through the past for this. This powerful adds variety plus brand new taste every single murder secret while enabling you to observe it impacted elements in today’s time. The best instance happened at a 1970s nightclub, catching the extravagance and pressures of showbiz. Every instance casts suspicion on everyone included, attracting a variety of motives, from envy and responsibility to revenge and anger. Only a few the instances are equal, nonetheless. Some secrets felt like that they had apparent responses, therefore the subsequent instances throw in brand new elements, such as for example logic and game play puzzles, that we want had been current early in the day into the game.

Still, it really is the mystery-solving which makes this game therefore interesting. After gathering all of your clues, you might be taken fully to a 3D hexagonal grid. Right here, you decide on the clues and fit them into possible hypotheses, taking a look at every feasible method occasions may have unfolded. Often this leads you down false paths that very nearly make an effort to toy together with your certainty. We enjoyed taking a look at every angle of proof, from alibis to your keeping of things on criminal activity scene. It just made me personally well informed in my own thinking and exactly how i desired presenting my instance.


The next period is presenting your concept to your team, which seems comparable to an Ace Attorney courtroom, albeit with no crazy antics. You can get multiple-choice choices to state everything you think actually occurred, and also at the conclusion of every instance, you will get a rating dependent on exactly how many errors you made. Everybody included tests your thinking, forcing one to straight back it properly. We liked the stress right here; absolutely nothing feels as though a safe bet because numerous opportunities appear feasible.

However, because of how included the theory duration is, you won’t ever feel just like you’re totally having a stab at night – although often you will end up amazed by the way the proof can add up and brings brand new elements to light. We often went into instances perhaps not being completely particular whom to blame ended up being but being confident into the proof which was askew, which brought me personally to your proper solution. Tips can be obtained in the event that you have actually stuck, but we never ever felt like we required them.

regrettably, the acting is hit-and-miss. Often actors look at the over-the-top using their shows, while can’t inform if it is deliberate or perhaps not. Element of it seems campy, but there’s good quality acting, specially into the more tight and psychological circumstances. Many people might find it confusing your exact same actors appear in every instances playing various functions. As an example, it’s possible to function as the target in an incident, and then function as the culprit within the next. This didn’t bother me personally, while you demonstrably understand whenever you’re getting into a new period of time. Many people could have difficulty adjusting, though. My just other knock regarding game could it be offers you discussion choices that don’t impact any such thing. Actually, generally, everything you choose provides the exact same lines. It’s the impression of getting some role-playing or option in which there is certainlyn’t any, which disappointed me personally.

Not numerous games are made such as the Centennial Case, and I also enjoyed the aspiration behind attempting different things to share with a complex tale and include the gamer in piecing it together. It provided me with the impression of reading an excellent secret novel, in which your mind is rotating with opportunities, however the interactivity and framework permit you to better understand the clues and whatever they all suggest. Often The Centennial Case stumbles, however it’s well worth suffering the crazy trip it sets you on therefore the wider concerns it poses about what’s ethical in the wonderful world of technology.

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