The Case of the Golden Idol review


the facts? A murder secret adventure game
Expect to pay for: $18/£16.99
Developer: Colors Gray Games
Publisher: Playstack
Reviewed on: RTX 2080, Intel i7-9700K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Out: Now
Link: formal website (starts in brand new tab)

A girl lies dead for a settee, the woman lips available in surprise. Some users for the supper party she ended up being going to stare in horror while some stage mad accusations at each and every other. Only 1 individual is smiling gladly, and that is me personally, the detective. I have got another interesting murder to resolve when it comes to the Golden Idol, very unique and challenging secret games I have played in years.

I start my research, hitting everything, you start with the visitors. They truly are frozen with time, stuck inside minute the target perished, and so I’m absolve to undergo their pouches with my mouse pointer to peer at their coins, bands, and monogrammed handkerchiefs. I quickly move downstairs on two maids standing inside home and so I can examine the records and letters they truly are holding. A waste container contains discarded communication, a dining room table holds unfinished dishes, and a lot of interestingly, a pouch dangles for a rope outside a screen just as if some one ended up being wanting to conceal one thing from remaining portion of the home.

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